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  1. ramteid

    Looking for Okies

    Im not sure. I know there are more on here but i dont know who.
  2. ramteid

    Looking for Okies

    My brother(ohjay) and I are an hour west of okc. He does not get on here much anymore. Miles is near okc, he builds enclosures and has his own section on this forum.
  3. ramteid

    New from Oklahoma

    Welcome. Are you on the oklahoma car audio facebook page? If not, it may be a good idea. A lot of the guys on there meet up a few times a month with all their systems.
  4. ramteid

    port area for 12" zcon

    You have to hit tab. Put in the first parameter, hit tab, put in second parameter, then tab twice and it should fill some things in automatically.
  5. ramteid

    18 inch DSS Ethos

    Gonna be around 4-4.5 feet. I still have to extrapolate parameters.If i can get a job i may sell my zcon and get one of these, if they only need 4-4.5 cubes
  6. ramteid

    Huge difference with lower tuning

    I have some songs that i edited that would be great for your system.
  7. ramteid


    I have a 360, but the only online game i play is battlefield 4.
  8. ramteid

    glassing MDF enclosure

    If you cant clearly clarify or convey what you mean then maybe your own definition or understanding is not fully correct. I believe that i made it clear what i meant. I just didnt put enough detail in it or give definitions to help convey it. There have been 2 individuals who have been able to understand what i am saying and another who continues to nitpick.
  9. ramteid

    glassing MDF enclosure

    I never meant that a sub did not move air. I tried explaining exactly what i meant but you continue to nitpick. I said exactly what i meant, as i a subwoofer does not create wind, as in the air molecules near the sub to not get forced to the front of the vehicle by sound waves. I already stated that my ability to convey what i was meaning was lacking, but you continue to nitpick. There is a difference between wind and sound, are both types of movement? Yes. Are they exactly the same? No.
  10. ramteid

    glassing MDF enclosure

    Yes you did, said they don't move...and do again, right below here. Which is it? How does this leaf blower create wind? And what is wind? To make a more clear analogy, does an air pump move air? I'd hope you say yes to this, now think about the diaphragm in an air pump. How is that different than a subwoofer? Do you claim there is a difference between water and air? If you move your hand in the water doesn't the water move? The same can be said for air. If you grab an Asian hand fan and move it through the air, the air moves doesn't it? How is this different than a subwoofer such that the sub doesn't move air?I am also curious how you think the smell moves? Smell is air is it not? By definition then if it travels isn't the air also traveling? and again, you continue to nitpick. does a leaf blower not pull in air and push it out on another end? that would be wind. the smell inside of the enclosure will reach the front of the vehicle without the sub ever being on, from my understanding, the air will move around and circulate any way, sound waves are not the reasoning. like i have stated over and over, i mean that sound waves to dont force the air to move, as in creation of wind, it vibrates the air back and forth, most people seem to catch on to that when i explain it to them. the only thing that the sub will do, when it comes to air moving around, is introduce heat into the environment, causing the air molecules to move faster.
  11. ramteid

    Triple Octaport 6th order blow through

    should be interesting, i cant wait to see more.
  12. ramteid

    glassing MDF enclosure

    i know that they propagate similar to water waves, i never said they didnt. a leaf blower is a creation of wind while a subwoofer is just transfering energy through the air. smelling the voice coil has more to do with, well, smell and its ability to travel through air.
  13. ramteid

    glassing MDF enclosure

    Everything i have posted link wise conveys what i am trying to say, which is what physics states. The air molecules move but the air molecules do not travel, as in, from the sub to the persons ear, the energy that travels through the air does. So, the energy travels until it vibrates air molecules that are near and in our ears, causing the ear drum to vibrate with the air molecules, which goes into the cochlea, which has tiny hair like cells that convert the vibrations into electrical impulses, then they are sent to the brain. That is the process, that is how it works, if you have an issue with understanding it, then im not sure what to tell you.
  14. ramteid

    glassing MDF enclosure

    Do you not comprehend what i am trying to convey? If you do, then please, enlighten me on what you would deem as the correct way.
  15. ramteid

    glassing MDF enclosure

    Kinetic? Now we are getting somewhere.Ek = 1/2 mv2 Notice the v in the equation, it's velocity. Pretty sure if you look up the definition of velocity that you will find it is motion which means it is moving. You are still stuck on what i am meaning by movement. Yes, subwoofer moves air, as in it vibrates the air molecules; they move back and forth, they oscillate from a given point, but they do not force the air to travel from one point to another. Im pretty sure an anemometer wont measure the winds from a speaker system since they do not create wind. This video shows what i am stating when it comes to waves from a speaker, albeit, not for very long, but it shows it.