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    Enclosure for DC level 4 15"

    Subwoofer brand and model number- DC Level 4 Size of driver and quantity of drivers- 15"( and if 15 cant fit a 12") Amount of power you will be running- 1200w rms Make and model of vehicle- 1997 Acura 3.5 RL Maximum dimensions you have to work with- Width 35", Depth 37", Height 16"(pushing the height to the max) Desired goals with the design- Daily bumper would like to have it pounding and i would desire a ported box and the website says recommended,3.25³ ft (15") ;1.5³ ft (12") would prefer the 15" but if it cant fit im fine with the 12"
  2. raiders

    Enclosure for DC level 4 15"

    can i get an estimate for a 15" if it will fit and a 12"
  3. Would a 15" with a good box made form here be able to fit in my trunk casue if not im am just goining to go with a single 12" both are DC lvl 4's
  4. I would like to know the quote for a ported box with carpet with at least 6³ ft for my DC level 4 18" sub in the trunk of my jeep grand Cherokee so i have enough room probably to fit your enclosure and if its not to much trouble i would like a quote for a DC level 4 15" woofer in a ported box at least 3.25³ ft in the same car
  5. raiders

    Enclosure for raiders (DC level 4 18")

    My jeep was messed up so i got a new car a 1997 Acura 3.5 RL my trunk dimensions are Width-35"; Distance-37"; Height-16"( my trunk is not an even sqaure so those are the dimensions that you can move the sub around in the trunk) with those max dimensions should i go with a 15" or 12"
  6. raiders

    Enclosure for raiders (DC level 4 18")

    car is in the shop fixing the brake pads,etc. ill let you guys know as soon as i get it back