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  1. ivan0507

    Fi Q has arrived!

    look nice and sexy
  2. ivan0507

    subaru impreza

    subaru caudio installed
  3. I can't wait either lol. But I'll get some vids up for you guys! ......................... And here are some more pics of the finished product! very nice box . hope to build one like that for my RLP 12.
  4. ivan0507

    RL-p12 experts

    rlp 12 is an nice sub ,for sealed i would prefered 1.25cuft or bigger.ported 1.7cuft or bigger .both sealed and ported box the rlp love it . if you want louder ported is the way to go.
  5. ivan0507

    fi sub closest to icons?

    lol thanks. im glad someone answered my simple question. sorry for getin out of hand 2. No worries. Some members just want to "correct" people all the time. how about icon compare to a new SI mag Sub?
  6. ivan0507

    12" Fi Q - Which Enclosure?

    yo.put it in the ported enclosure .she will love it .gain more output and SQ .i had my Q 12 in the slot port enclosure 1.8cuft tune to 34hz.i love it.
  7. ivan0507

    need help guys

    amazing sub. in sealed don't need big box. 1.0cuft sealed sound good to me.
  8. ivan0507

    need help guys

    i had put this baby in the sealed box and slot port enclosure .i would said in the ported output was great compare to sealed . This baby like to seat in the ported enclosure .get very good output & good Sq And they say English is an over rated class in schools these days
  9. ivan0507

    need help guys

    This baby like to seat in the ported enclosure .get very good output & good Sq
  10. ivan0507