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  1. hey get at me, i need a track.. i'll pay u for ur time.. if ur busy i understand..

  2. Adam706

    A Team IAK CD Surprise at Carl Casper...

    i would like one... chop i'll pay the shipping if you'll send one my way.. thanx
  3. Adam706

    I am new here

    ditto.. if you mess up you can always add a new baffle to the front of the other one. paint or carpet and no one will ever know.. lol might add 0.01 cft.. lol
  4. Adam706

    A Team IAK CD Surprise at Carl Casper...

    i'll pay shipping if you can mail me cop.
  5. Adam706

    I am new here

  6. Adam706


    i use Adobe Fireworks.... never learned photoshop, wish i did.. lol but i have 13yrs (no kidding) tied up in Fireworks so i just stuck with it.
  7. Adam706

    I am new here

    Sup Majestic!
  8. Adam706


    LOL ..i remember that!
  9. Adam706

    Happy Birthday Chicagofan!!!

    happy birthday!!!
  10. Adam706


    throw some ideas at me.... i'll just leave this here
  11. Adam706


    so this is what i got.. hope yall like it!
  12. Adam706


    family always first bro... true friends will always be around!
  13. Adam706

    Happy 21st. Birtday to Mdizzle

    grats.. dont get too slizzard!
  14. Adam706

    Send Chop some love

    much love bro