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  1. This will be my 3rd post in the Newbie section so I may venture out into the general forum population I think the best introduction may be what I am currently working with and were I hope to go. I have a Kenwood head unit, (the model evades me now but its on the way out the door as I bought a new double din today) The mids and highs come courtesy 6.5 and 6x9 Infinity Kappa Reference speakers powered by an Alpine 500 watt amp. The lows are coming to the party via an Incriminator Audio 12" Lethal Injection sub currently mounted in an Atrend SPL box, it's being motivated by an Alpine 650 watt mono-block amp. I say currently because this is not the sound I want, I got the box because I had never owned a SPL box and wanted to try it out... now I know. I will be tweaking and tuning this box for the sport of it and in an attempt to learn more about building boxes. All this is riding in my 04 Dodge Ram Quad Cab, The sub box has replaced my center console with the sub down firing to avoid damage from my tools or my children. I'm sure more information will come as I grow with the SSA community, I look forward to meeting you all.
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    Newbs pleeze read b4 posting

    I'm not a newbie, i just play one on the internet ... at any rate just to introduce myself formally I work for one of the dreaded "big box" electronic retailers as tech support. Basically I play with all the toys and teach others to do the same. I have played with car audio for many many years now installing my first head unit at 14 in my dads work truck, its still running strong. I'm trying to learn more every day and am currently exploring the world of tuning vented boxes to specific sounds and playing with multiple vents/ports and how there location in the box changes the sound. (I love this stuff)
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    How did you guys find SSA???

    A local installer had one of your subs (187 or LI) in his personal truck that hit so much lower then my TypeR I had to check in and see this for myself. Now which sub do I buy??? (not looking for an answer, I have read all about them and watched most of the YouTube videos)