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    1989 crx si<br/>15'' Fi btl n2
  1. ex650

    single cab blow through

    now onto the box build...I have 50'' wide, 16'' tall and 29'' deep. that comes out to just over 11 cubic foot.....now figuring out the port size I need. I want to tune it around 32htz
  2. ex650

    single cab blow through

    Not really a great pic, but that's when we pulled it out of the garage!
  3. ex650

    single cab blow through

    well ive finally go the rear bag setup re-done on my truck! next up finish my recone then decide on how to build my box!
  4. ex650

    15'' btl n2

    I was trying to get them for winisd. they have box recommendations on the sight, but nothing for the parameters.
  5. ex650

    15'' btl n2

    I'm planning on building a box for my sub, but I cant find the parameters anywhere on Fi's website. does anyone have a link or know what the parameters are?
  6. ex650

    single cab blow through

    im also ordering a recone kit, so now all I have to do is wait on Fi to get it all shipped
  7. ex650

    single cab blow through

    this is the back of my bed. I have inner fender wells going in and the notch is going to be covered up, when the weather is better. the bag setup lifts pretty well! ive had two four wheelers in it and it got off the ground just like normal, so weight isn't a issue.
  8. ex650

    single cab blow through

    this is more of what im wanting to do!
  9. ex650

    single cab blow through

    well its snowing here right now (im tired of snow) tomorrow I will upload some pics of the bed! so if the opening is say 2'' smaller at the top it will act like a band-pass?
  10. ex650

    single cab blow through

    that was just a pic I found. my air ride is bag on bar, so I dint have a monster notch and my bed isn't cut up just raised 2'' in the center section. my tank is under the truck with the compressor in the back corner of the bed. I want to have the box opening as big as possible. from what I measured the box will be too big to fit, so the opening will have to be smaller than the box. does anyone think that will be a problem?
  11. ex650

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2