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    X8 Prototype Teaser Pics

    im still waiting for an 8 that can handle 600 watts - 750 watts with a nice amount of xmax. this looks interesting and could quite honestly be close to what im looking for. t-minus 7 months till the new car and new system
  2. theothermike

    today's work

    lol. i just came across this thread. well you see the problem is you drank half a gallon of everclear period. idc how old you are, how much you weigh. but everclear at 195 proof. will fuck anyone up with far less than half a gallon loll..... i means shit the smell of that will burn nostril hairs. nice boxes
  3. theothermike

    IA 6.4 - 4 Channel Amp!

    i asked and u delived. ty nick. =D
  4. theothermike

    Kicker 12" L5 hatchback enclosure

    what carpet do you use? and what knife to cut?
  5. theothermike

    Project David and Goliath

    jacob? ever consider making a frisby business with the amount of circle cutouts u have in the corner. Jesus Christo.
  6. But after examining the forums lately and seeing what coming up from your company, I think it is safe to say that you never cease to amaze the customers at the amount of work and effort you've been doing. You really need a blog to let the customers know what is going on at Sundown Audio I mean from my examination from lately you've put out a 125.2 update / pre-order, 50.4 release / pre-order, 3000D not too long ago, Night Shades, SA Series on the verge of testing, Updated the 1500D with graphics and different heatsink, 100.4D update / pre-order, Sundown 8's and then 8" updates to surround and a few other things, SAE - 1200D over the 1000D, slim-line midbass, etc.... I mean in the matter of a 6 months or so there has been all this plus a few things i probably forgot about. Im basically saying, we deeply appreciate your hardwork and dedication you put into the company. I can remember you starting out about 2.5 years ago. and to see you know is truely impressive to say the least. But more impressive is how you've been able to offer the same support, quality control, customer service, keep up with the growing demand, and still have time to release new products, update current products, and find out what customers want. SO THANKS AGAIN JACOB, Behalf of the SUNDOWN AUDIO SUPPORTERS
  7. theothermike

    The "New Line" information?

    v2? i didnt no of there ib subs. time to buy some ib and run 2 15's ib in the camry =]
  8. theothermike

    SAX-125.2 Pre-Order

    does that mean realistically where the 100.2 was around 120 per channel this is will be around 150?
  9. theothermike

    The wait is almost over.....20.1's

    ill be the first to say... in this thread incriminator u need to build 2 channel and 4 channel amps as well to round off your lineup. i know there would be tons of interest
  10. theothermike

    excessive amperage

    powermaster didnt have an alt for my ride. he referred me to mechman if yall are just wandering. i order a 250 amp 150 amp idle mechman alt for my toyota camry. because my 200 amp iraggi has failed 3 times. 2 times from voltage regulator. he uses refurb denco stock amp cases on his alts, partly causing heat issues, and this is why mine has failed 2. spend the money once do it right and go powermaster / mechman. mechman is the only one i know who provides a dyno sheet with the ratings at given rpms and amperage. he machines his casings to fit your mounting brackets or provides brackets to help his amps do so. this has allowed me to mount a large case alt in a tight toyota camry. also sells powermaster batts. and i picked up a 5100 and 975 while i was at it =] for an amazing price. Contact matt guys. you wont be disappointed. 1 - 888- mech - man is his number i think. Mike-
  11. theothermike

    My new Challenger!

    yay for wing. just dont go over the top. the link to what u suggested looked great. very subtle. lower kit yes, rims no, wing it ur call.
  12. theothermike

    Sundown Shallow Mid Prototype

    i like the route ur going, hope theres a midbass in ur vision down the road. like a 7" heavy weight champion of the world!
  13. theothermike

    Future Amplifiers

    keep opinions to yourself denim =] im still awaiting that big 2 channel for my subs.
  14. theothermike

    SAX-100.2 Issue

    11.4 is horrible as is 12.6 car on off? idle? or rev'd assessories on or off? overheating perhaps. make sure your speaker wires are on and secured tightly loose speaker wire connections are finiky. also ur remote wire might be real bad with dimming and voltage spikes when notes hit
  15. theothermike

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    those are some gorgeous girls. i love it when gorgeous girls make a thread so much better =]