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  1. Wood.

    Budget Wall Build (6) 15'S 4,000 WATTS

    I have no idea what you just said. The proper way to lift a truck is to have the ass end sit a few inches lower than the front to allow for better torque transfer to the ground. lol what? no. but hella nice truck either way, love these new body styles...
  2. man put some hours into that box. hope your grateful, thats some wonderful help. good luck with the build. do you think you can tackle building the box yourself?
  3. Wood.

    crescendo 3500 ??

    hahahahaha word. i dont think i saw you ask which would be louder? kinda have the same electrical support question. i have a crescendo 3500 coming also and contemplating running it .5 ohm on a 250a alt and one d3100 in back...
  4. So Im collecting parts to do a blowthrough in my fullsize chevy regular cab. 1988 k1500. Just bought a crescendo 3500. gonna get a singer 250a alt and a couple 3100s and one up front. multiple runs of 0. okay so now for my question. i have been pondering ideas on sub/box setups. I have been set on 2 18s for a while, but got to thinking about 4 15s. and idk whether to a 4th order or just a regular ported box. i can do the rregular box tuning but would need some help designing a 4th order as i have read and have yet to wrap my brain around it. My goals: Daily, Hairtricks (move air yo) not super low. 30-32 (in regular box tuning terms) not sure where that would be in a 4th order. but i want it to be as musical as possible as i listen to a lot of metal with my rap. subs ive had in mind are 2x FI bl 18s or 4 sa15s just looking for advice here. ive done a blowthrough before with my old pickup. just wanting to get louder and would like to do it right.
  5. i wanna see those inputs stuffed full of wire. thats sexy.
  6. Wood.

    Road/Engine Noise

    Alright so Im gonna sound like a total fuckin newb but whatever. Kinda getting back into putting a stereo back into my truck, so i ordered some focal access 165 and a sundown sax125.2 for my front doors of my regular cab chebby p/u. My question is how do you guys like to run the wires for your front stage, in my past experiences hooking up a/b amps i have almost always ran into some kind of signal noise, ive tried running ground loops from deck to amp to battery, keeping the RCAs on the complete other side of the vehicle than the power and ground... seems like it never fixes it. so what im getting at is, what do you guys do? if anything? was i just using shitty RCA's and need to use better ones? if so what are some good brands? just wanna do this right, ive always been afraid to amp my mid/highs cuz im afraid ill just get noise. any help would be nice...
  7. Wood.

    if you had this budget....

    Exactly. That is what I have after everything is taken into account. i'd still do the 2 twelves. youll be happier i think. be able to handle more power in the long run (subs depending, but all things being equal) youll have CLOSE to the same amount of cone area either way. its all in what your looking for though. if you wanna do an 18, by all means do that. but if your asking for opinions, thats mine. 2x12
  8. What makes a 16 volt battery smaller than a 12volt? to produce the same amount of power with a 16v/14v you pull less amps. When you're pulling less amps you don't need as large of batteries to support the same current load. Volts X amps = watts Say you have 1000w to produce that you would need 71.4285714 amps on a 14v system, on a 16v system you would only need 62.5 amps which is a considerable difference. and no that's not accounting for efficiency. word. i remember this from my grow rooms, i could use double the lights on the same panel, just by going from 120 to 240 because they pull roughly half the amperage.
  9. ill probably just end up sticking with 12v/14v and just get a solid electrical. im thinking a sundown 4500/NS1 or a DC 5k. maybe a AQ3500 if i run low on money AFTER all the electrical i plan on doing. im going to do AT least a singer 330 alt on top of my stock, and 3 deka intimidators 2 in back 1 up front. and 50' of 2/0 throughout. but i want to do .7 ohm daily, but ill cross that bridge when i get there, if im not confident in my electrical ill just do 1.4 and call it good. ive already sold my old system, am going away for 2 jobs till oct and will have plenty of money to pay some bill and do the system im planning, im estimating spending 3k just on bass and another 750 on my front stage. i want a 150 by years end.
  10. And the box you had first was much better suited for your subs. Over 4 cubes is way too big.
  11. Yeah, pretty much what everyone else is saying here, keep the volume down! Or else your gonna smoke your amp for sure. Finish the big three in 0, get a second battery for the rear, use 0 gauge wire throughout, it has those size inputs for a reason. Make good grounds. I won't even run my system with my lights on at night, just to protect my equipment. Get a voltage meter, if your dipping below 11v your putting extreme stress on your system. My last setup I had a optima up front, big three, tiny ass battery in rear, and 0g throughout, and I would never see below 12v at full tilt with 2k rms.
  12. thanks for you input too. i plan on running two alts EITHER way, im going to be replacing my AC pump (which hasnt been used in years) so i didnt think it would be too much of an issue just using the extra alt for my bass amps. it just seems from reading clamp numbers some amps really come alive above 14 volts. im going to compete with it, or plan on doing so at least. but its still gonna be geared to ground pounding. got about 5k coming my way by oct and 3k is going to be for my new setup. just want to plan this all out correctly. gonna be running at least like 4500w, singer alt, 3100's, the works.
  13. i gotcha. my thought process behind it was that a "good" electrical system is to make sure the amp have a steady input voltage, therefor able to run a lower ohm load. for example say i have a 12/14v system dropping to 12v @ .5 ohm this would be harder on the amp then if i have a 16/18v system dropping to 15v @ .5 (all nominal) but i wasnt sure if like the amp draw would be different going from 12v to 16v both @ .5 ohm. thanks for your input, really appreciate it.
  14. School me a bit here, if your running a higher input voltage say going from 12/14 to 16, is it easier on the amp to run a lower ohm load? or does it depend on the amp generally. kinda just trying learn a little more about how amps work. about to buy a new alt and batts here soon, thinking about doing a separate 16v system for my bass amp. (two alts, stock, and a 16/18v) and was wondering if i would be able to run the ohm load down a little more? im a noob obviously so flame me if you must, just trying to get some info. thanks for any input.
  15. Wood.

    if you had this budget....

    you said spl... for music your gonna need more than 5.5 (for an 18) generally speaking. go with some 12" n2's or two 12" xcons if you want it to sound decent