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    amp dyno

    I understand the idea behind dynamics, however, applying the idea to mobile audio seems a bit over extended so to speak. The idea behind it, is to show how an amplifier will perform musically on various dynamics , however those very dynamics are compressed and altered for 99% of our applications. Anyway, I sent you a PM Tony on another question.
  2. The current alt on the truck is having some serious issues, but he should be able to give a quick demo if you hit him up. Grill that costs to much.
  3. Well we got ride of all the silver on the outside and inside of the FJ... Went from this... To this.. Then started to mold his new stereo in... new alpine 8" screen... Then for some odd reason we were looking around on top of the roof.....and found this
  4. Yep, we are in OKC and thank you. We put in far to many hours in this thing lol
  5. Here is a music video the FJ was used for. It was during construction, so we will likely have to to another shoot with it actually playing for the video.
  6. Here are a few quick videos.. 1st is a video with FJ parked outside the shop and down a few spaces. The water bottle is sitting in the front room on the counter(I would assume that can be figured out lol) http://s91.photobucket.com/user/prorabbit/media/DC_Creations/20131026_223152_zpsf75d913b.mp4.html http://s91.photobucket.com/user/prorabbit/media/DC_Creations/VIDEO0026_zpsa922e4c8.mp4.html http://s91.photobucket.com/user/prorabbit/media/DC_Creations/20131026_225326_zps412e123e.mp4.html
  7. And if you didn't notice, he got it stripped.
  8. Got it halfway done for a show we went to on Sunday. Just had to make it "presentable" so to speak.
  9. pro-rabbit

    All new pricing!!

    Shipped Pricing!!!!! The volume is net volume, not gross. All enclosures are constructed with 3/4" mdf. There can be an upgrade to birch, but that will be determined per request. FT^3................SEALED........PORTED 1.0 cubes...........$80.............$120 1.5 cubes...........$100............$130 2.0 cubes...........$110............$150 2.5 cubes...........$120............$170 3.0 cubes...........$130...........$180 3.5 cubes ..........$140...........$190 4.0 cubes...........$150...........$200 4.5 cubes...........$160...........$210 5.0 cubes...........$180...........$220 5.5 cubes...........$190...........$240 6.0 cubes...........$200...........$260 Included in pricing: basic carpet terminal rounded port edges bracing as needed 45's Up to two sub woofer cut outs Double Baffle with or with out flush mounting $15 (up to two sub woofer cut outs) Kerf Port $20 per Kerf Extra sub Cut outs $5/ea Carpet can be customized to your application and will be priced per request Plexi glass will be priced per request Any cutomization can be done per request
  10. It shouod be plaging this weekend. Tony threw us a curveball when he decided tk have the truck stripped...inside and out lol. So the amp rack and baffling we pushed back a week.
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    Please contact me...

    Rick, I agree that you are being far more generous then we currently deserve for this situation. As for posting to this thread, I was sent a text message from a friend about it. So I checked in to see what the current situstion is. Neo, I commend you on your efforts to help us ru our business and I thank you for your intrest our business. However, this situation is unique and of course all informationis not posted. Moreover, there is a huge change undergoing which has been in the works for some time. That announcement will be posted in the days to come. The thread on ca.com is still there. I did lock it since this is being handled here and I did delete posts that were considered to be post dumping in my eyes. As with any forum there will be members there to only stir the pot rather then help to empty it. Refardless, the situation will be resolved and as stated an announcement regarding this company is coming very soon.
  12. pro-rabbit

    Please contact me...

    Rick, Feel free to use our phone number to contact us.
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    Please contact me...

    I do apologize for this inconvenience. However, we do have our number posted,like many companies we do not always get on forums to keep up with PM's or posts. We do try our best, but there are only so many hours in a day. ANY enclosure or design order that is currently pending will be shipped out with in the next 7 business days, this means any order that has been purchased from past orders to ones placed in the last 24 hours. There will be an announcement coming soon regarding our business structure and future plans that will be taking affect Monday 10/14/13. If anyone has any questions regarding orders other inquires please call us at 405-225-8256 or 609-BOX-4YOU Our email is beyond backed up and so are our PM's. While it is our fault for delayed contact, we always answer or return calls so please feel free to call during standard business hours mon-sat
  14. This will have a USACi single point show going on with it as well.
  15. Thanks guys...very appreciated for compliments. As for the rims they are 32's and have since been powder coated white to match the truck. As for the bass vs upholstery work... Well it does a 157 on a 30 second average and a burp score of 160.3 before we changed out to this new setup. Everything held up decent but we had to fix a few things with the headliner that have yet to be 100% resolved. Have to do more testing over this coming weekend after the amps get put back in the truck. Thanks again everyone for the posts and comments!!!
  16. Lmao, not my poster but I can attest to the sights at said location.
  17. Little update on the FJ... had some slow progress for many reasons....but here is a little teaser pic... 31.5" tall kerfs... I will take two please.....
  18. 3.5 is a tad on the small side of things, but it shouldn't be to bad off. You still never really explained the issues you are having. Is the output ok for you? Is the response curve ok for you? If so, then there is no issues at all with the sub and enclosure. As for the amp getting hot, check your wiring connections and likely move your ground.
  19. pro-rabbit

    PWX 10 box

    Other then "loud" what is your goal exactly? We have been using Crescendo for a little while and have had great success with them in our louder cars, but with our standard (sub 155(ish)db) vehicles components if used correctly work great. Systems like the FJ doing low 160's though....we couldn't get the components to keep up so we switched. If you do use these or other similar products from other companies, be sure to go active and have enough ability to adjust crossover settings and such. Other wise they can be rather bright and over powering.
  20. With such a limited space, in all honesty we (as a company) would highly suggest a different driver for your application as the output and sound will reflect the lack of available space. We could not guarantee or promise in any way the output or "loudness" of that setup.
  21. Replacing the head unit or maybe purchasing a pre-amp processor/eq would be ideal... which ever fits your budget and needs a bit more.
  22. I would pick it up, then sell it and make a few bucks. Then purchase something that will work far better with your space limitations.
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    PWX 10 box

  24. pro-rabbit

    PWX 10 box

    Sorry guys, I had a set back that kept me out of the shop for a bit. I will get this done today for everyone though. Again, sorry for not being around for a few days.... apparently getting old is not a myth lol