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  1. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    Contacting Flakko/Jeremy

    Jeremy, What about my amp? I still haven't received a response about a replacement for mine that I sent in well over a month ago. I have sent 2 PMs about it.
  2. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    New Car, New System

    Well, I am reconsidering a few things. I am out of the loop so I need some help with some of the newer, great sounding gear. -I bought the 880prs and it should be coming in soon. -I am rethinking the whole all out sq thing and I think I would rather have SQ with balls. I want my speakers to have loads of midbass, crystal clear midrange, and crisp but not too sharp tweeters. I also want them to be able to play very loud. I figure since the car has a cam, I better make the stereo be able to block everything out. -I will probably modify the stock door pods by reangling the mid, sealing them up, and possibly reaiming the tweeter. So the driver will need to be between 6.5" and 8" (if it is an 8" it will have to play high enough to go with its tweeter), like a sealed enclosure, and have a relatively low mounting depth and weight. Price Range: $450ish -I like the merlin amps, but I may not end up with them as they do not make a 2 channel that does 150x2 at 4 ohms which is what I am looking for (and 300x2 at 4 ohms is too much). I want a very clean sounding amp for my components (preferably 150x2 at 4 ohms) and about 600-1000 watts on my sub(s). I would like to keep both of the amps to around $500-600. -As far as subs go, I have really been out of the loop. I want a sub/pair of subs that will be able to do a 138-140 in my hatch, fit in a box that is 1.5-2 cubes gross, and play without distortion down to 30 hz. Weight is an issue for this one too. Price range: $350ish
  3. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    My cousin just bought a 12" Resonant Enginering HC

    The later model HC's had the RE cone. My friend got one during the buy a pair promotion and thats what it looked like.
  4. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    "new" roadsters

    Not when the new Z06 gets 28 MPG highway. This thing is lighter so it could potentially get up to 30-32 MPG as long as they took the stock ls7 with the t56 and swapped it in there. But MPG is a drivers thing, and I would get no where near that number driving like I do.
  5. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    The T/A

    It needs a few things but they will come soon. (Repainted Calipers, Tint, Lowering) And don't worry about the plate, it changes tomorrow.
  6. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    New Car, New System

    I already purchased an alarm, it should be going on my car in the next week. A viper 791xv. I'll check out the package deals for the subs and amps. No TL, not enough space. Price range on the sub(s) is around $300
  7. Well, I got a new car yesterday and I am in the process of making the exhaust more quiet, but I am trying to figure out what I should get system-wise, as I have pretty much been out of the loop for a year or so. The system is going in a 2002 Trans Am WS.6 (cammed, full exhaust, 12 bolt rear, a few suspension mods, etc.) HU: I am looking at the Pioneer DEH-P880PRS with the iPod adapter for my iPod. I have always been a fan of Pioneer HUs and this one just looks sweet. Components: I am torn between getting a set of Focal 165 K2Ps and getting a set of Rainbow Profi-Vandium Kick bass 2 way components. Any other suggestions in the $500-600 range would be considered. Subs: I really liked my Rl-i 8's, but on some songs the low end was somewhat lacking (they are 8s after all). I was thinking about a sealed or ported 10 or 12 or something that can still get some low end, but not take up more than 1.5-2 cubic feet. Once again, I am up for suggestions. Amps: My US Amps sounded really great, much better than the orion amps that I had, so I am looking for something that is comparable that I can get a pair of amps (not too high of power) for around $5-600. Overall, I am looking for a really nice sounding system that fits in the well of the T/A for $1900 or less.
  8. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    Car was stolen last night

    I haven't heard anything. I doubt I will. The video was from the surveilance at my condo complex.
  9. Hey guys, I was just letting yall know that my car was stolen last night at 3 am. I am sorting everything out right now, but i have a video of the car leaving the apartment complex. Aparantly the guy got a key cut and took off with it. I need to get some reciepts so Mike and Flakko I need reciepts for my subs and amps. If you get to this before I contact you, send a copy of them to alex0486@bellsouth.net . Thanks guys, Alex
  10. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    Help with Rl-i8s

    waht he said! the rl-i 8 doesn't need huge room....75 to 1ft^3 per sub would be plenty. heck, the rl-i8 in my boys room is in .17ft^3 sealed and it shakes things.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My box is for 2 subs, so they really only need about .4 net per sub to sound really good.
  11. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    Help with Rl-i8s

    You really don't need that much more space. My box is 1.3 cf gross. Net it is .9 cf. I have 15 square inches of port and its tuned to 35 hz.
  12. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    GatorDrag '06

    The F150 wasn't even as big as that tahoe in the pictures. That thing was massive. The tire came up to my chest and I'm almost 6'3"
  13. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    New pics of the ride

    It also came with the car (SS package) It came from SLP with the Blackwind Lid. Best one there is. I have a few more mods also. Here is a list: SLP Lid/Dual Dual Exhaust Jet Hot Longtubes (redesigned hookers) w/ Jet Hot ORY Custom Mafless Speed Density Tune by me (Tunercat and EFI Live) Innovate LC-1 Wideband Cutout DMS Lowering Springs Revalved Bilstein HD's DMS Lower Control Arms with relocation brackets BMR Front Swaybar DMS Double Adjustable Panhard Rod BMR Subframe Connectors And a few appearance things here and there
  14. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    New pics of the ride

    No cam yet, its still my daily driver. It does have a cutout, but the exhaust is the SLP Dual-Dual exhaust so it doesn't drown out the stereo. One of these days after I get out of college it will have a STS turbo.
  15. 02BlackOnBlackSS

    The System

    Me and a friend did it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nice job. How much did materials set you back ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not much at all. The vinyl was 9.95/yard and 1/4" mdf isn't very expensive. And we did it at a shop so they had tons of that spray glue and staples so it wasn't bad at all.