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  1. ford302redneck

    Received Q18, terrible packaging

    There isn't anything wrong with the way Fi packages their subs. Having a box beat to death should tell you who's fault it is. Hell I've seen some of the best packaging destroyed because of the shipper.
  2. ford302redneck

    HID sugguestions

    Yes, I know this. I have read the DDM website....
  3. ford302redneck

    HID sugguestions

    To bad this isn't a DDM review thread and a year ago could be a great deal on time when talking about a business.
  4. ford302redneck

    HID sugguestions

    Straight from DDM's website. "This system provides 3200-3400 Lumens at 35 watts and an amazing 5000 Lumens at 55 watts per bulb. In comparison, a typical halogen bulb produces 900-1200 lumens. Our 55w HID kits are 40% brighter than the standard 35w kits. " Now, 40% seems a great deal, 1500lumens, I'm sure that's at 4300k, and I want to run 6000k, so I'll need the extra brightness to make up for the loss when running a higher Kelvin.
  5. ford302redneck

    usa planet audio saz1000d killer

    Don't you mean Handcrafted in USA or some BS? And I've had a Planet Audio P2250d(same series), and a Sundown SAZ1500d, and I can say the Sundown>Planet. But still, how do you know or what proof do you have that amp is better than the Sundown?
  6. ford302redneck

    HID sugguestions

    The 35w kits are shipped from Cali, IIRC. But I'm still looking for another company/place. I've already heard plenty of good things about DDM, but waiting a month isn't something I want to do at the moment. And it seems to me, if you have a warranty problem, its going to take just as long. That is if their customer service is good enough to honor the warranty. I've still considered ordering from them, simply because I can't find another brand.(I'm sure there is, just not looking in the right place I assume)
  7. ford302redneck

    Made some funny smells after DD-1 use....

    Perfect example of why the DD-1 is useless for setting gains on a amp. Distortion isn't the enemy, heat is. And setting gains going entirely on being "distortion" free and will cause just as many problems as not using one, because idiots won't consider the amp producing to much power since they think the gains are "set" properly.
  8. ford302redneck

    HID sugguestions

    I'm only posting because I don't really have the time to really research myself. But I was looking into DDM Tuning and noticed people complaining how bad their customer service is, and the overall length of time its taking to receive your order and it seems its taking longer and longer. So to me, this usually isn't a good sign, definitely if I have a problem. So I'm looking for another brand or company that compares to DDM as far as price and quality(if you could call it that). I am willing to spend ~$75ish for each kit, 50watt low beam 9007 and H10 fog. Also, I don't have to have slim ballast's but it would be nice.
  9. ford302redneck

    SAZ1500 V.2 issue

    Sounds like its possibly your install is causing the problems.
  10. ford302redneck

    SP4 now up!

    Lol. Unfortunately, both sound like they'd fit my application- 4 18's (walled) on 2 SD5k's (6000w each). Have you looked at the comparison of the two? Narrow it down by which one best fits. If SPL, choose BTL, if more daily/demo(where you'll be playing on them for longer periods of time and need extra power handling) go for SP4. If your worried about weight, BTL. Simply.
  11. ford302redneck

    recone kit

    Why won't it fit? Only way I'm not seeing it fit is, if the spider is to big, or to small, where its not touching the fange.
  12. ford302redneck

    SP4 now up!

    What's confusing? Both have their pros and cons. Narrow them down to your install and find which best fits. Simple.
  13. ford302redneck

    PSI... Mixed Signals..

    Having his "shit together" doesn't mean he's parts and ect are up to par. (Even though I can't say first hand or would really think he would use such bad parts that was really subpar compared to other companies.) I'm just saying.
  14. ford302redneck

    SP4 now up!

    Nothing is etched in stone. Embrace the change. I'm glad Fi is finally using it. And the way Scott answered back when I asked right after word came around he had the rights to it, that their was an agreement it couldn't be used for Fi.(Not like it was needed exactly) But I assume things change.
  15. ford302redneck

    PSI... Mixed Signals..

    If anybody remembers David from the RE days, you'll know how much of a asshole he was to possible customers. He's got a IDGAF attitude, and it shows.