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  1. Flatlyne 15

    Went back to work today, I have an hour commute so I finally got a chance to crank up the volume a bit. I know this is the IA forum so a bit for me might seem miniscule for some. The biggest subwoofer system I have had in a vehicle was two SA-12's with 1200 watts in an Expedition, which was great BTW. I have a stock head unit with a JL Audio FiX-82 providing the signal to my amplifiers. I was playing a notch below my clipping level using a 50 HZ test tone. I am giving the subwoofer around 550 watts. The Flatlyne sounds good. It will play every note you send it. I listen to almost every music genre and this sub sounds great. I have posted here that this sub is not terribly loud, but my ears are hurting from my drive home. You have to consider the fact that it is a 15 in a hatchback, so I would rather err on the side of being "too loud" and just being able to turn it down. I wish I had better command of the English language to describe how it just fills my car with this awesome bass that just hugs you and makes you happy. Great product plus great customer support, you just can't loose.
  2. Flatlyne 15

    This is the old set up, really good subwoofer Sundown Audio SD3.
  3. Flatlyne 15

    I would recommend. But look at your application and see if you can fit a 15 in there. It is a good sounding sub but not terribly loud.
  4. Flatlyne 15

    When I built this system, I was thinking that I am older now and I just needed a little bass. The SD-12 was great. It was in a 1 CUFT pre-fab enclosure. There was nothing wrong with it. I needed a SQ sub that I can load into a ported enclosure so I went with the Flatlyne.
  5. Flatlyne 15

    No shredder package because I am cheap lol.....build quality is top notch and the customer service is great, both from SSA and IA.
  6. Flatlyne 15

    Sub sounds great, it only has about 20 minutes of play time so the suspension is quite stiff still. I am giving it about 500 watts @ 1 ohm of a DLS Audio CC-500. It plays loud and low, I listened everything from Journey to Future....sounded great!
  7. Flatlyne 15

  8. Flatlyne 15

  9. Flatlyne 15

  10. Flatlyne 15

  11. Flatlyne 15

  12. Flatlyne 15

    I'll try to get it installed tomorrow.....
  13. Flatlyne 15

    Sub is here! Build quality is excellent, can't find nothing wrong with it. Packaging was great.
  14. Flatlyne 15

  15. Flatlyne 15

    It is like paint, but thicker. You can use a textured roller....