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  1. adirevolvo

    Adire Open House Pictures and Info

    and now for the only pics worth seeing. This might very well be the first pic of a Parthonan working hope its ok to post.
  2. adirevolvo

    Adire Open House Pictures and Info

    What I bought for $129 with tax. They were clearing out of a bunch of drivers they used for testing and compareing to there own stuff as well as b-stock and prototypes of there stuff. There were Also deals to be had on new stuff. A guy I know got an idmax 12 for $150 new, Maelstroms were $130, Tempests for $90...you get the idea. I got 3 mk1 koda mids, 2 Goldwood tit tweets, 1 HiVi f5 mid, and 2 SCH or somthing like that 5.25 mids.
  3. adirevolvo

    Adire Open House Pictures and Info

    Some local guy who is an adire dealer owns a TL. I didnt get any pics of us using it lol which might have been nice...but here the box
  4. adirevolvo

    Adire Open House Pictures and Info

    My friend Sally and I hanging out in the Adire Limo (yes adire has a limo)
  5. So I dont have a whole lot of pics but here are some. I know other people have alot more. It was an ok turn out. Maybe 50 people, not too huge. Dan was on the grill making us adire heads food. Maybe 15 cars went on the TL mic. I hit a 133.5 at 37hz with 220 watts on a brahma 15 with the mic by the headrest and one window down in a temp set up until I get my sub amp. There were some sick installs there but I know other people will have pictures to post of them so I'm not even going to bother getting into them now. I dont know anyone else on this forum who was there, but more talk about the event can be seen at http://forum.soundillusions.net/showthread.php?t=38754 along with more pics, scores etc. what you see in the trash can at adire:
  6. adirevolvo

    My new toyz.......yes again!!

    pimps and players put subs on there heads.
  7. adirevolvo

    anyone had alumapro?

    I have used and still own an Alchemy. The ones that come in badpasses suck pretty much, I have a blown Alusonic in one that is pretty much a POS but Alchemy's when set up right are some of the best sounding subs I have ever heard. I love them. Very musical sounding. Don't port them though, keep them sealed. They are not loud subs at all but they do make up for it in SQ and from time to time you can get them pretty damn cheap. I got a 10" Alchemy for 55 shipped of ebay used and a NIB 12" for 45 shipped of ebay. Great finds!
  8. adirevolvo

    I think I am in love

    Another install with pretty much the exact same stuff again in a truck. I think it's the same people also. http://acoustic-visions.com/forums/index.p...t=0entry10982 Vehicle: 2004 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab (1) Pioneer AVH-P7500DVD (2) Planet Audio BB75.2 (Mids) (4) Planet Audio BB1250.1 (Subs) (4) Resonant Engineering XXX 12" Woofers (1) Focal Access 6.5" Component Sets (doors) (1) Focal Access 5.25" Component Sets (kicks) (1) Focal Access 4" Component Sets (rear doors) (1) Stinger 5 Farad Capacitor (Amp Rack) (1) Stinger 230amp Alternator (2) Stinger SPV44 Batteries (Engine Bay) (2) Stinger SPV35 Batteries (Amp Rack) All Stinger wiring and connectors. A lot of it. 144+sq^ft of Roadkill Extreme Q-Logic Kick Panels
  9. adirevolvo

    Pictures of my stuff

    yeah i try...but i was just to sexy to take a pic from the front... for those of you who cant figure it out.....use password applefig and user name adireaudio if your to lazy to make you own account...theres like 100+ pics, not just the 5 from the first opening things.....
  10. adirevolvo

    Pictures of my stuff

    The stuff: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4286811833 http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287544171 http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287544135 (I have more but thats all for pic's, other stuff would be a 12w7, another b15, a b12, etc etc) The car: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287543989 The man: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4286863327
  11. send a aim to Goin Def Audio. His name is matt, he is an RE dealer from AL and is on almost everynight. Tell him I (aaron) said you were cool and he will help you with the box info lol. He knows his stuff. I really dont know what the range is for ported HC boxes. If I had to guess like i was saying I think 2.5 cubes each at about 33hz would do what you want but I'm really not sure. You'll hafta get an RE guy to help ya. If you got anymore q's hit me up on aim again. -aaron
  12. so I have a 9300 and a 660 as of today, and i went to go plug in the new 660 to make sure everything was good and the plug was diff from the 9300 which pissed me off. It was basicly the same but the 660 one was a tad larger and i didnt feel like hooking up a new harness just to test the new hu. anyone know if the 4 or 5 series are the same as the new 6? thanks! -aaron
  13. Memphis 1500d 1600 rms at 2ohm. super clean power. super efficent. about 550 shipped from indoaudio on ebay. 800 watts to each sub which is enough.
  14. adirevolvo

    my son's going to start competeing

    maybe im stupid, but is this a joke or do they really have a mini spl car comp? if they do that is pimp. what id he gunna run?
  15. adirevolvo


    Washington: Help! We're Overrun By Nerds And Slackers! LOL SO TRUE IM A NERD, IM A SLACKER, IM FROM WA hehe