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  1. i didnt see any picks of deadening the rear deck? any plans to? i used sound deadener showdown for the deadening in my bro's sentra, only took afew tiles to hit the flat portions of the deck, top and bottem. i think i also used about 8 tiles on the roof which really stiffened it up.

    Yea I actually did the rear deck also. I had it all back together before I realized I did not take any pics of it lol. Im sure I will tear it apart sometime here soon for some reason. I will have to snap pics of it when I can. I even did the rear doors for no reason at all. I guess I just felt like working that day lol.

  2. when sliding the box through the opening, as long as, you keep the height close to 13.5" and the width close to 32" (to fit the lower part of the opening) you can fit a box in that is almost as deep as the entire trunk (front to back). my bro's sentra had a center seatbelt thing hanging from the rear deck which, along with the wierd ass floor towards the front of the trunk, limited height to about 14.5".

    Yea the sentra does have a weird slant to it as it goes toward the seats. Thank you very much for the info though. What type of box does he have? Ported I assume? Also what subs is he running?

  3. You have plenty of room to port them with the dimensions you have given. Those measurements seem huge for a Sentra though.

    I just re-measured everything. It does seem big but that is pretty much the whole trunk haha. Here are some pics of the trunk and the current box that was in it.





    Not sure if that helps anything.

    Edit: Bottom of the trunk opening is 32 inches wide. Toward the top of the opening it widens up to 39 inches.

  4. Do you know what kind of space you have to work with? You mentioned currently having a box that is 1.25 cubic feet, is that all the room you have to work with? Knowing how much space you have available would help out a lot. Your budget would also be helpful information.

    Just got off of work and measured the trunk. These are max measurements with barely any room to spare in the trunk. Trunk space is always nice but a great system is worth the sacrifice :woot:

    Im willing to spend quite a bit on a single speaker ($400 or so) if I choose to get rid of the W6v2's along with a nice box. The box is what makes the sub so I will spend what I need to on that.

    Height: 15.5 inches

    Width: 40 inches

    Depth: 27.5 inches

    I would port the w6's. It's unrealistic to drop new subs in a sealed box off of the same power and notice much of a difference. Assuming you're talking about two new 12's.

    I agree. I found it difficult to believe a different speaker in the same air space and same power would sound much different (sealed at least). I like the W6's a lot and do not have a problem keeping them and working around those and the power I already have.

  5. Sell him the 12's and get the 13w6, run it (them) ported. I am running a 13w6 in 2.1^3ft tuned to 31hz. If you have room two13w6 would be very nice :P

    I did a google search and I have read several posts about where people have used 4th order boxes for the JL's and have been having great results (or so they say). I am on the very far end of not knowing much about boxes except the obvious differences between them. Let alone designing one. I dont even know if I would have the room for one either haha.

  6. I have no say in what ever deal you have worked out with you'd friend, so no comment there.

    I would try a ported enclosure, it will be a noticible difference.

    My friend and I dont specifically have a deal. I can keep the W6's of course. If I choose to go ported I would rather go with a single 12. I have only heard good things about the ICON and the XCON so those may be options. Im just not sure it would be easy to design a dual ported box in the sentra with as small as the trunk is. If someone wants to have a go at it and make a mock up design I will be able to get my trunk measurements later today after im done with work.

    I think a single 12 will be the easiest route. I have been wrong plenty of times before haha.

  7. Great job on that false floor. Looks great. I might even do that now. It bugs the hell out of me how toward the front of the car the trunk starts to slope up making the sub box not completely level. The spare tire well looks to be the same size also. Great job on keeping the spare. I hope you dont run into heat issues with the the part that folds up to access the amps. Great idea though I like it a lot.

  8. Why not try porting your current subs! Follow JL specs here. You should gain more output while still retaining the sq.

    Hmm porting W6's would be interesting. I would def. need a box built for my trunk though for that.

    What size are the W6? Any chance you could sell them back to him and upgrade to a larger size?

    Sorry I forgot to mention that. They are the 12" subs.

  9. In light of keeping this from heading down the path of a this vs that thread I will just get right down to it. Currently I have two JL W6v2's sealed powered by a Sundown sax1200d. I originally bought the W6's from my buddy for one hell of a deal (2 subs in a box for $250). I originally told him that if and when he got back into car audio I would be willing to sell them back to him. As great as the W6's sound I am looking for more output while using the same amp. Currently I have a sealed box. About 1.25 after sub displacement and 9 inches for mounting depth.

    I know everyone wants loud bass while sounding great at the same time, but is there a sub that will be louder on the same power in a sealed box as the W6's or should I tell my buddy to just go buy his own pair lol. Of course I started lookin at the Sundown SA-12's or the DCONs. Im just not sure if either will give me what im looking for given the enclosure and power im staying with. I do not mind going ported but the box would have to be custom for this shitty trunk my sentra has, but if I cant then so be it. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Steve

  10. you did it all by yourself??? looks even better then!!! :drink40:

    Thanks man. Not to many of my friends are audio tech. savy, but it sure is nice for the fellow audio enthusiast to appreciate the hard work it takes to make a great stereo. And of course there was plenty of :drink40: along with the build ha. I wish I had more pictures for you guys. It was somewhat an afterthought because I just dive in and get to work.

    I think the next step for me after I finish the electrical is to enter into some comps with it. I would be totally new to that aspect but I would be really excited to do something like that with this system. Sounds amazing with the alpine sound processor and auto calibration. I couldnt be happier with the results. :woot:

  11. looks great man... :fing34: :fing34: :fing34: are you worried about flat tires? I'm always getting them so I don't feel great about spare tire well builds....

    Haha no I am not overly worried about flat tires. Im sure it will bite me in the ass some day, but I have never had one since I have had the car. Saves me some weight and a nice place to put my amps :morepower1:

    I really didnt have any place to mount the amps as that box really leaves no room to mount to. It really is a small trunk to begin with. I am not a big fan of mounting amps to a box anyway. I still have room on the sides of the trunk I suppose I could look into building amp racks for each amp on each side of the trunk. I dont know if I am that crafty though haha.

  12. I would not call this a true build log as most of the work is already completed, but of course I am proud of the work I have done to the vehicle. I invite you all to take a look at my gallery in the Sentra Stereo album. Any and all feedback is welcome. This is my first build of an entire car on my own. Of course we are never truely finished with stereos now are we? haha.

    Things I do plan on adding down the road is a new XS power battery and an H.O. alt for the system and I will be done as far as the electrical goes. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and if there are any comments, suggestions, or any tips/tricks feel free to enlighten me of course.


    2004 Nissan Sentra Build

  13. Have you tried putting a larger battery under the hood? I am guessing your alt is very small.

    I was just curious.

    Yea I used to have the factory battery in there lol. Iv got a bigger one that did help on the dimming but it still does it. I was thinking of droppin a Kinetik HC1400 in there (biggest size that will fit up front). I believe my alt is 110 amp. I would have to look it up again.

  14. You may not need an ho alt. Maybe just an extra battery. Have you heard of spookhaven haunted house?

    Right now my lights dim and I only have 600rms split between the two W6's also with my 4-channel pulling 320rms. I didn't plan on running a second battery but I suppose that's a possibility for sure. I would def. need help in choosing the right battery isolator and what not. I would still feel a lot more comfortable with more amperage from a better alt though. I thought I killed it the one night because it just kept making a whining noise and pulsing my headlights randomly. Only did it then and I haven't experienced it since so I got no idea what it was up to.

    I have heard of it but I have never been to it or even attempted to find it for some reason. I guess im no fun haha.

  15. Haha I have no doubt that it does. Gota love that bass :woot: I just work with what iv got. I am not even close to being the loudest but I always provide the challenge for people to sound better than my stereos as a whole. I love crazy bass I just like my music with it as well lol. Im thinking another $1000 into mine and ill have it where I like it. My biggest problem is I cant seem to find any H.O. alts for my 2004 Sentra and thats probably what ill be needing after the addition of the Sundown to my system.

  16. Cool maybe we can get together at some point.

    Yea that would be awesome. I was hoping to get my system where I wanted it for this summer and maybe take it to some shows for some SQ stuff but iv got no idea or have no done anything like that before. Iv just kinda been a lone wolf around here doin my own thing. I dont have to many friends that are into the stereo scene. Would also be great to get someones opinion, tips and ideas towards my system that's got experience. Be nice to get some criticism as well :)

  17. Welcome

    What part of PA?

    I dont mean to confuse people aparently I made two account and I got confused with the facebook login thing haha. I am very close to you though. I live outside of Williamsport :)

    Welcome to SSA Steve. Your order is processed, and as soon as we have tracking, we will update you. :)

    Awesome. I will be honest I didnt expect you to jump into my new thread haha. Awesome though thank you. I cant wait to receive the amp. I hear nothing but good things about Sundown and its nice to support a growing business with great products!

    Thank you all for the welcome party. Glad to be here :thanx: