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  1. I also have a set of Hertz 165 HSK components and I like them very much they handle quite a bit of power and get loud but just don't sound harsh they have a nice smooth sound to them IMO again agree with others that different people like different sounds. I demoed my set against the alpine F1 set I was looking at and I preferred the Hertz set. Are they worth the money? well thats up to you and I would definately suggest finding a place to hear some.....
  2. Mr_Jones

    Is My Fi Q Broken????

    Sounds like the dust cap is coming unglued from the cone look for a small area around the dust cap where it joins. A little high strength flexible glue will fix it if it is.
  3. Mr_Jones


    I own an older set of HSK high power Hertz components and like them, they sound good and work well. Are they worth the money? I don't know I would suggest auditioning them if you can, thats how I ended up with them. I put them against alpine F1 Components and they sounded better IMO so thats what I went with. They are not harsh like others and sometimes don't sound as loud as they are really playing. In the end it is what sounds best to you, everyone has a different set of ears and you may like the Jensen speakers sold in walmart and thats fine thats why there is such a wide range of speaker styles spec and prices out there for the range of people out there. So best of luck
  4. Mr_Jones

    Dayton HF 15" IB install?

    I don't think anything makes it a bad woofer, as far as I can see there is nothing wrong it them. They look to be built quite heavy and with quality parts and the reviews are all great. I just think most view them as a cheap bargain basement brand? I would not be afraid to try them but I think I will try the avenues I listed above first my RL-p woofers are quite well built as well
  5. Mr_Jones

    Dayton HF 15" IB install?

    Cool thanks for the info, I think for now I am going to try a single Rp-L 15 and then maybe try both and see how it sounds and if it doesn't sound right I will seriously look at solutions from FI. I have the soundsplinters sitting here so it would be wasteful not to give them a chance I guess. As always open to more opinions and information!
  6. Mr_Jones

    Dayton HF 15" IB install?

    Thanks for the info and the link lithium! Also I guess I never really gave a whole pile of thought but I do have a 15" RL-p from soundsplinter that is listed on a comparison chart from the website lithium linked. I think I can get another one as well I am pretty sure they are both 4 Ohm DVC models and I am not 100% sure if the other is damaged it was in a head on vehicle crash but still looks okay.....Anyway the specs can be viewed here http://www.soundsplinter.com/rlp15_subwoofer_information.html I would like to use these subwoofers as it would be the cheapest route and I know they are quality woofers. Any thoughts on that? I didn't think they would make a good woofer for this application but I may be wrong I guess.
  7. Mr_Jones

    Dayton HF 15" IB install?

    Very nice how does it do for output? Is it comparable to something in an enclosure?
  8. Mr_Jones

    Fried Woofer

    My guess is it was clipped to death
  9. Mr_Jones

    Dayton HF 15" IB install?

    Well thanks S.DeYoung for pointing towards the build I was looking for. Also looked up the build linked there to the 93 caddy which is an awesome build that is still not done and there is no updates on the challenger build either! It looks like the IB builds are all still in progress aside from the cutlass. Anyway after much reading and such I am still seriously considering the Dayton drivers but have also looked at the FI IB3 drivers and they are very nice looking. I emailed the sales department from Fi tonight to ask shipping charges and what their thoughts were on using two of their 15" IB3 woofers in a build like this. Time will tell what I do although I hope I don't have to wait a full month before I get the woofers if I do go the way of Fi. I must say Fi's subwoofers look very good and have great reviews for the price point. Any more input on the situation is still much appreciated. Maybe this build will have pictures and be posted.........don't know when it will be though as I have a busy summer and autumn ahead of me.
  10. Mr_Jones

    Challenger Build, 2nd Round

    Hey am interested in doing a baffle setup like this and am wondering if you ever got it finished and how it worked out for you. I am trying to decide whether to use the Daytons or the Fi IB3s I want to do 2 15" subs in IB to save space as you did and to get some good low end
  11. Mr_Jones

    Dayton HF 15" IB install?

    Yes the plan is to seal off the trunk. Why would you not recommend the dayton speakers? All reviews are good they are supposed to get loud and this isn't a true IB setup unless I leave the trunk open......which is why I was thinking trying to match the bad to the trunk at least a little would yield better results than a true IB woofer. I could go with two FI IB3 15"s instead but would like some theory as to why they would work better other than the greater xmax which is nice. I am not out to win competitions just a daily driver for my commute to work but I do like it loud. Again just trying to cover my bases and get all the info I can. And thanks for your input, looking forward to more
  12. Mr_Jones

    Dayton HF 15" IB install?

    I guess to start I would like to find the thread in which it was previously done. Also just trying to make sure I have all the facts straight. Since it is using a trunk it isn't really an ib setup and the cubic space in my trunk is 12.5 cubic feet and the vas of the two woofers is about 20 cubic feet so the trunk would act as a sealed enclosure for these. Or at least something in between ib and a sealed enclosure. I am just looking for some wisdom to help me feel confident about going forward with this. I guess worse case it doesn't work right and I use them in cabinets for HT and build a smallish sealed enclosure for the Rlp and lose trunk space.
  13. So here it goes I seen a thread where someone used two of these for this but I have lost it and cannot find it. I am interested in doing one of these setups in a sunfire. I have a15" soundsplinter Rlp but don't want to take up the trunk with a large enclosure. The IB setup would leave trunk space and be pretty cheap as far as the woofers go. I have a sundown 1500 SAZ to power them and know I would have to be vergil with gain settings......anyway any input is much appreciated. I have read the thread from Onebadmonte twice now and I think this should work good just looking for extra info before I order the woofers.
  14. Mr_Jones

    It's going to be a bad summer...

    I think there is a lot of stuff coming up in or future that may cause large changes our lives as we know it.
  15. Maybe just have to construct a test box with a panel with the 30 small ports in it that can be removed and replaced with a different one in the future? Like just screw it into place for temp testing then if it sounds like crap remove it and put in a properly ported side and glue it up. I don't know just a thought i had may also be a bad idea.....