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  1. srd150

    95 Grand Cherokee build coming soon

    I have a '94. They like sub up port back. Might want to run double walled. Or really good bracing. That Evil is stout. Keep an eye on the bar inside, for the rear hatch. Make sure the threaded rod doesn't slide down in the fitting. Or your hatch won't open. I have that problem now. Have to cut the rear(inside) panel to get it fixed.
  2. srd150

    Great to meet you guys.

    Anytime. Can't wait to use them. I'll start a log once I get everything together.
  3. Just wanted to say that I was thrilled to finally meet you guys at Slam. Thanks for my new Evil mids and tweeters. And again thanks for all you guys do. Love the forum.
  4. srd150

    Toolmaker terminals

    I found some. And battery is ordered.
  5. srd150

    Toolmaker terminals

    OK, I thought maybe that was the case. Any recommendations on an alternative?
  6. srd150

    Toolmaker terminals

    Trying to place my order for a D3400 and toolmaker 4-1/0 terminals. The battery let's me add to cart. But I didn't see an option for the terminals. Just "add to wish list". Am I missing something?
  7. srd150

    Kove Armageddon

    I had one years ago. There's the Z, the ZM, and the U2 series. The Z is the better of those first two. U2 was the highest power rating. My Z 15 did a 147.6. On just over 1k. 95 Jeep Cherokee. Kept up with every song I played. Pretty sure that's a zm . I believe the Z series was just embossed black letter. Honestly wish I hadn't gotten rid of it.
  8. srd150

    Crossfire 10's

    Thanks Aaron. I'll have to shoot them an email.
  9. srd150

    Crossfire 10's

    OK so I picked these up. They are supposedly two of ten, ever made in the 10"version. The local shop here had them ordered. He told me the recones would run like $250 a pop. Which seems a bit high. You think Fi or someone else would have something for them?
  10. srd150

    Crossfire 10's

    I appreciate that. I'll be in touch. Hopefully sooner than later.
  11. srd150

    Crossfire 10's

    They are still in my room lol. Went through a bad breakup last year. So never got around to using them. Hopefully I can get some things done this year. I've been without bass for a while. Driving me nuts.
  12. srd150

    Crossfire 10's

    Hey buddy. Yeah, I've had a ton going on. Hopefully all is well. Here are pics.
  13. srd150

    Crossfire 10's

    I just messaged him to send me them.
  14. srd150

    Crossfire 10's

    I have the opportunity to pick up a pair from a friend of mine. These are supposedly team subs. I think he said they are the xs v2. I know they are massive. And one has the spider that separated from the edge. But he said I could have them for $300. I cannot find any information on the 10inch version. Is this a good price? And does anyone else know about them?
  15. srd150

    Ascendant Audio Mayhem 12 D2

    http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/56501-classifieds-rules/?view=getnewpostread this