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  1. xiihustleix

    Gerber Baby Photo Search 2012 - Some SSA help ;)

    alright guys...lol, thx anyways.
  2. xiihustleix

    Gerber Baby Photo Search 2012 - Some SSA help ;)

    13 views and no comments - anyone vote?? c'mon guys...
  3. hey guys i havent posted here in a few months but figured maybe i could get some help from some of my fellow SSA members. i think the first prize or some of the top prizes are scholarships for the kids that win. well, my gf and i entered my daughter into the photo search on facebook and i've been trying to get some extra votes if you guys could maybe go and vote for her real quick i would really appreciate it. she is 7 months old next week...you do have to like their page or something but just go unlike it once you're done voting. you can vote once a day until the 24th if you really wanted to give us some help but i'll settle for one if you'll give it. here's the link: https://apps.facebook.com/gerberps/detail.do?entry_id=204129 thanks guys! i appreciate anyone that goes and votes for her. her name is Jaylyn.
  4. i was planning on ordering it pre-cut but i did see i could get almost double the amount for cheaper un-cut, is it hard to cut? what would i need to cut it with? who wouldnt want to get more for less...lol
  5. thx for taking the time to make the visual...thats how i figured i would have to do it.
  6. im sure it wouldnt hurt to let me know now since i've never done it..lol. then i wont have to stop the build and get on here to ask. better to just do it right the first time - so how would you suggest to mount the plexi?
  7. okay, i get what you're saying. this is deff going to be a fun little project - hopefully this weekend i can get started, its my bday sunday so i should have a little extra spending money to fund this project. lol thx! i'll make a thread when i start..
  8. if you dont get yours local, can you link me to the website you get your plexi/Lexan? and how i was planning on sandwiching the plexi, keep in mind i've never tried this before - just plain old enclosures before. but i was planning on doing two sheets of 3/4'' mdf on the side i want to put the plexi, which most likely will be 1/2''. how i was going to do it was cut the window for the plexi, of course smaller than the sheet and round the edges with a router. then shave down each piece of mdf 1/4'', the size of the plexi, so it would fit perfect (on the side that i didnt cut the window, so the backside of the rounded edges of the window). would that work? sorry if i lost anyone with my description.. thanks again..lol
  9. thanks guys - im going to go with 1/2'' most likely and probly going to sandwich the plexi inbetween the wood, i think that will work/look the best. you guys use Lexan when you do your installs or just plain plexi?
  10. xiihustleix

    NY Box Builder

    never seen this before...lol
  11. never bought plexi before...guessing i could probly get any thickness, you have any idea on the thickness? thx for the help man!
  12. ya i knew that there wouldnt be any sub displacement anymore..lol. just wondering more so if it hits different...
  13. Okay, so I had two questions: How does inverting your subwoofers affect SPL/""SQL"" if at all? & How would I go about making one side of my enclosure plexi-glass? (how to secure it to the box) Just asking because I've never done either before and was thinking about one or the other for my next build. Thanks guys!
  14. thx for the post - i'll sub when i watch the rest of it at home, at work now. lol