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  1. theabunai

    question for dealers

    Shawn what's the status of theses recones??? I haven't received anything/word on if these recones got shipped out or being built or in the que log etc etc
  2. theabunai

    question for dealers

    It was 2 recones for Mayhem 12s both dual 1ohm no basket the other Mayhem recone was a single 15" Dual 1ohm with basket
  3. theabunai

    question for dealers

    from my original post I've called phone goes to VM (I have tried the AA dealer hotline that we dealers have AND FI car Audio's number for scott) emailed everyday for the past 4 days, been emailing for over 2 weeks.. (I have emailed dealer/Sales/Orders/recone/scott/shawn) going on 5 days STRAIGHT and no reply. I even had a fellow dealer who was in VEGAS last week try to call 3 days in a row cause he wanted to see the facility and he couldn't get a hold of anyone his entire trip (I was going to ask him if he could inquire about the order i had).. is there any other method of contact i haven't tried (short of visiting the facility which would be hard as i am in Hawaii and they are in the process of a move) I know they are busy, I'm not asking for the recones to be made right this instant nor did i expect it to be ready in a week but over 3 weeks AND NO COMMUNICATION All i need to know is IF they are busy what is the time frame they believe it will be shipped (this month, next month etc) or are they waiting on a part, did they forget about my order, was there an issue with my payment, is there an issue with shipping, was it shipped and it might be lost etc etc... It's hard to keep telling a customer when they ask "he any word on that recone i ordered about a month ago" and i have to keep replying "they are busy, I'll get back to you" for 2 weeks straight...
  4. theabunai

    question for dealers

    Has anyone been able to get in contact with ANYONE at AA.. I've called (phone goes to VM) emailed everyday for the past 4 days, been emailing for over 2 weeks.. and have gotten no luck in contacting AA.. I ordered recones for a customer and paid over 3 weeks ago also a sub I received with a damaged basket that rendered the sub unplayable un-mountable unusable, I opted for them to send a basket and recone over 3 weeks ago and haven't heard from them since sept 17th 2012 where i was told it was going out the next day, I know it doesn't take 3 weeks to get here.... Normally i wouldn't be so worried but the 15" mayhem took almost 2 months to get here broken and now it's taking another month to get a replacement basket and recone and my customer has questions and i have no answers other than "I'll get back to you" for the past 2 weeks.... please for all the people who are gonna come here and make post about they are busy, i ain't the only dealer blah blah blah... I have not once in my thread asked for the items.. RATHER i am asking just for communication from them, where is the items, when can i expect them, what is the hold up. that's all...
  5. theabunai

    2 12 ssd or 2 12 jl audo w6

    Although we still don't know the goals of the OP... I'd like to ask why is he putting an SSD up against a W6 ? Personally I've played with hundreds of W6 in ALL kinds of enclosures. It would be a better comparison to Fi Q series.... Just my 2 cents
  6. I just got a call from one of the public defenders (who alerted us of this bill being passed from right under the publics nose) that other states are keeping a close eye on this bill... If it passes in Hawaii it will be adopted and the case ruling will be used to get it passed in their state... The defender who is helping us had 3 cars done with sounds here LOL
  7. The Hawaii Car Audio community just found out today that the state is trying to pass a law that will make it ILLEGAL to "install, posses, or operate" any aftermarket system including any subwoofers, any speakers exceeding 6.5", any speaker exceeding 100 watts, etc. The bill can be found here: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2011/bills/HB1178_.pdf Most of us are just hearing about this today, and the hearing on the bill is Wednesday, Feburary 9th (yes just 2 days from today). We're trying to get as many people as possible to go down to the hearing on Wednesday (I'll be there), but we're also trying to get as many people as possible to submit testimony opposing this bill. I'm asking all members of the car audio community to help us fight this bill. Here is where you can submit testimony online: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/emailtestimony/ The bill is HB1178, put that in the first box and enter the rest of the information. This bill is not only going to affect us bass heads down here, but the shops that install this equipment will go out of business. On top of that, all of the retailers that are partners with this site as well as those who aren't will not be able to sell their products to anybody who lives here. Please help us out, it should only take a couple of minutes. Oh and I'm not sure if there is a specific section that this should go into, I just put it in off-topic so it wouldn't be in the wrong section persay. If the mods want to move this to a more appropriate section that would be awesome. CAN YOU EFFIN BELIEVE THIS SHIT !!! THEY ARE ALSO SAYING THAT THIS RULING WILL SET PRECEDENCE AND OPEN THE DOOR FOR OTHER STATES TO INTRODUCE THIS BILL PLEASE I ASK ALL MEMBERS TO JUST CLICK ON THE LINK FILL IN THE BLANKS AND HIT OPPOSE
  8. Battery is worthless unless you got something that can charge it up as efficiently and effectively as the system can draw from it. I'd do the alt first.
  9. theabunai

    Is something wrong with Fi's checkout?

    lol the "click that" writing is almost a sig worthy pic !!
  10. theabunai

    Shipping To Hawaii

    How long will it take to get my sub? - SSA Car Audio Forum
  11. theabunai

    What's in the works?

    Man i hope that "idea" that's getting kicked around is what i heard about a while back.... I got plans for the wifes car and a "X" rms type sub with a good bit of sQ mix would fit the bill ohhhh so good.... Dunno though.. might not need after the new SSD's get released... Can't wait for the new CNC machine to start spitting out key chains
  12. BP option is a cooling option.. Basically it adds a machined aluminum compression plug to the pole which helps channel the air from under the dustcap around the coil for better cooling. generally speaking there will be an increase in power handling from 200-500 Watts depending on the application.. Honestly.. If you are gonna put say a 1000 watt amp on this sub, then the BP option is a bit of over kill.... If you got a 1500+ watt amp and limited knowledge of electrical upgrades (or the amp isn't efficient) where voltage drop may occur and you're a volume knob pusher then grab this option....
  13. theabunai

    SA-8 Tuned to 37 Hz - Video

    How much power was going to the 8 guys ??
  14. theabunai

    New for 2010

    you got sundown and nightshade... name the new crazy subwoofer something to do with the moon... Shit jake go MAYAN on us call it the 2012 sub
  15. theabunai

    1200d v.2 not putting out like i think it should

    I don't know your level of car audio knowledge so i'm just gonna throw this out.. Are you certain you wired the sub up to a final load of 1ohm ? Do you have a DMM ?? If so i'd meter the speaker wires disconnected from the amp to assure you have a final load of 1ohm... Also take a phone pic of the amps settings... last time a customer said these exact words and wanted to warranty the amp thinking it was broken i asked to take a look at it first. the SSF and the LP filter was off by a shit ton.. after i tweaked the filters dramatic improvement on sound...