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  1. Db24

    GCON Build - Help Needed

    Check the speaker to make sure the final load is 2 ohms.
  2. Db24

    Mystery Package?

    Kudos for being honest. Honesty seems to be a rare thing these days.
  3. Tenney and Ohio gen you could look into as well.
  4. Db24

    new B2 build. 09 silvy crewcab.

    That's some nice equipment. Read some good reviews on there products just never heard them personally.
  5. Db24

    I think I broke it....please advise

    Harrison labs sells an external adjustable ssf. http://store.hlabs.com/pk4/store.pl?view_product=12
  6. Db24


    Return the capacitor and do the big 3. If you still get dimming lights add a battery in the rear.
  7. Db24


    The saz2500 only has one power and ground terminal so he must mean the speaker terminal.
  8. Db24

    2003 Camry sitting too low

    You can also check out partsgeek.com. I live in ny and they are pretty quick with shipping and its free shipping for most stuff. I would stick with struts and shocks and not lower your car especially if you driving in the city half the time. I've been told that if lower your car it adds stress on te rest of you suspension if you don't upgrade that as well but I'm not definite on that. Maybe someone could chime in as I'm alittle curious myself if that's true.
  9. Db24

    Trouble viewing videos in threads?

    I remember reading in another thread they were gonna update the mobile skin or something like that.
  10. He might be running 3 dual 2 ohm subs to get that independence.
  11. Db24

    FiQ 12 question

    This should help you with the options. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/47700-options-explained/#entry808769 If your getting a dual 2 ohm it can only be ran at 1 or 4 ohms. You can ran it at 1 ohm right out of the box. As per electrical definitely do the big 3 and go from there. You may need a extra battery when you add the other amp. I can't comment on your amps selection since I haven't used those brands but I personally wouldn't buy from onlinecarstereo. You may also consider buying a higher quality used amp as another option.
  12. Db24

    Order #1061 shipped

    He's saying he ordered the ssa evils
  13. Db24

    Hifonics brutus amps any good?

    Www.Db-r.com sells refurbished sundown amps comes with a year warranty I believe.
  14. Db24

    ICON 12- delivery time.

    When I ordered delivery was right on time. They are a little back logged from Black Friday and holiday sale due to the more than anticipated orders so it might be a little longer waitl times than normal.
  15. Db24

    2 xcons in an accord?

    What year is your accord? I had a '97 but I think my max height was like 15" or 16" but I could be wrong its been a while since I had it.