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  1. Angelboy863

    Sundown Sa-6.5 cs review

    There's a review from Russia, was on the Sundown forum.
  2. Angelboy863

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    I went ham on the pt test today. 2 minute pushups: 101 2 minute situps: 108 2 mile run: 12:41
  3. Angelboy863

    Static noise from speaker on right side of car.

    Thank you. Will try that out tomorrow.
  4. Angelboy863

    Static noise from speaker on right side of car.

    Never mind then.
  5. Hi guys I'm in a little trouble, well my friend is and he's relying on me to fix it. The car is a 98 civic coupe. He has Rockford fosgate t1 components in stock locations (door and pillar) powered by a rockford two channel (not sure what model I think it's the power series) They have sounded great but now he says that on the right side of the car he can hear a static-like noise from the speakers at low volume. Can't hear at high volume (because music overpowers the static, but when turntable down the static is heard. I've done everything to my knowledge to try and troubleshoot. I checked the speaker wires, all good and secure. The wires are running to the amp safely. I switched the channels to see if static would now come from left side, nope still right side. I played some songs from a album (drake - take care) to kind of make sure his audio tracks aren't what is messing it up, and noise is still there. I checked gains, eq, filters, etc. everything seems to be good. I asked if maybe he overpowered them but he said no he hasn't gone over max listening volume and amp is tuned with dmm. It's only the right side speakers that's making the static. It got late so I told him I'll do some research and I'm helping him out tomorrow. I've done research and I think I'm going to change out some speaker wires and the RCAs bit that's all I can come up with. Any thoughts? I appreciate the help, let's keep this audio thang goin! EDIT: they are actually the t2 components and powered by the Rockford t400.2
  6. Angelboy863

    need help on choosing a componet set!

    SQ and some loudness, I recommend the Incriminator Audio I Series Components. I'm currently running them with a sundown 100.2. Very clear audio I have them on the hpf around 100-110 hz. I listen to mostly rap and hip hop and the music is great it's also pretty loud. The mids are in my stock door locations and the tweeters are in the stock pillars/pods by the side mirror. I'm very satisfied and if you choose them I'd hope you would be satisfied as well. Just stating my experience. Good luck!
  7. Angelboy863

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Ran 3.5 miles this morning. Headed to the gym. Today is biceps, chest, back. Curls, bench press, squats.
  8. Angelboy863


    Lollll. But hey the IA comps are very good man. For the price I don't think you won't be satisfied. It's clear, and can be loud. I'm still tweaking with it but satisfied 100%. And I agree with everyone else about the 6x9s in the rear just be powered off the headunit. If you're going to spend that extra money get a good amp for the front and not the back, I learned the hard way when I wanted to amp some 6x9s in the back. I bought the Rockford fosgate t1 coaxials, amped them, than just ran them off headunit and there wasn't much difference. (amp was a Jensen 2 channel) Good luck with everything though. And about the shop, I have a shop here that everybody always trusts and I always question why, but now when I think about it, they actually are very good. I guess it's just the generalization that ALL shops are just out for your money. Not true in ALL cases. There are good ones every once in a while. Just sayin.
  9. Angelboy863

    recommendations on a line-out converter?

    Yeah, we got everything installed, and sure enough, there was bass drop off at higher volumes. We were all confused and figured it was the PAC or did I do something wrong? Im honestly not sure if i hooked it up correctly but whatever i did, it has the sub bumping. Radio max volume is like 45 so we adjusted his max volume to be 30, but while tuning it the sub was just flexing in and out like free air and it "sounds" like theres a loss of signal. So we kept trying to adjust so we can hear the bass the way we are supposed to and had max listening volume at 18 because when we go to 19 the bass starts to fade. Our conclusion is to get an aftermarket head unit. Is that a possibility? I input the 2011 Chevy cruze on sonic electronix and they only show me oem replacement head units. We talked and we're planning on getting a single din with flip out, if we can. I know earlier I said it was a 2010 cruze sorry I was mistaken his car is a 2011 Chevy cruze. The dash kit on crutchfield, how do I know which radios will fit? It just says single din or double din, so I assume that would be any aftermarket radio correct?
  10. We fixed the problem! We needed to ground out the rca's. Now the whining is not as loud as it use to be, almost not noticeable.
  11. Angelboy863

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Did myself a pt test today. Here are my scores 2 minute pushups: 88 2 minute situps: 85 2 mile run: 13:03 Not my best but Ive been pretty sick lately.
  12. Angelboy863

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Lol this was crazy though, we were under a tornado watch. Craziest winds I've ever felt running but it felt good. Once back on track you'll be running forever!
  13. Angelboy863

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Ran in the rain. 1 mile run - 6:15
  14. Thank you. I will look into that guide. Yeah now that I think about it I've always heard whine at low volumes. And yes, the speaker setup is not what I would've went for but it's his setup not mine.
  15. Ok I'll explain what is in his car, Alt is stock for now (his excessive amperage one just blew, again) Batteries are two kinetik 2000's( one up front one in back) Runs of 1/0 and 3/0 to the back Big three in 1/0 3/0 wires and 1/0 wires and 4 awg wires to amps Head unit is a double din pioneer and 3 premiums on the back, Subs are two 15" dc xls dual 1's Amp for subs is a saz3500 Door speakers are kicker coaxials powered by a boss 2 channel He has four 6" selenium mids powered by a jl audio 2 channel And that was his setup and everything has been going fine. Now, he just bought two selenium horns and two selenium supertweeters (st200's) and a Boston acoustics amp from the ssa store to power them. He wired those up and now we hear a whining noise from the horns and tweets. We looked up what it could be and sites say there is a ground loop? All the grounds on the amps go to the chassis except the boss amp, it goes to the battery in the back. Said something about RCA ground? Can someone explain better? And he used some sort of y splitters from the boss amp to both Boston and jl amps. He doesn't know what to do and neither do I really, I say we must start all over and rewire everything but he wanted me to ask you guys first Thanks in advance.