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  1. powerpunchhx2

    Chop's 85' S10 (single cab) * 3 18"s (4th order)

    wifes yukon
  2. powerpunchhx2

    Chop's 85' S10 (single cab) * 3 18"s (4th order)

    the s10 isn't a show stopper but it get low and loud right now its playing nice but 1 run of 0g 1 reg alt 2 soundstream ta1 3000d straped 4 batts 3 droppin hz hotel 18s 2ohm dvc 1500rms each.2/1 4th order wall.atfer I get the cash alts and amp will be upgraded.painted oil base black to stop rust.20in kmnock off 120 spooke.the wifes Yukon has 6 fu audio 12s corey spl recons cpiler wall 4th order mechman elt 370 3 runs of 0g 4 batts 10k amp 2 mids amps fu audio 6/5s and supper tweeters.3 t.v.s.but as for the s10 its only time will tell how far it will go.i love the truck!!!
  3. powerpunchhx2

    Chop's 85' S10 (single cab) * 3 18"s (4th order)

    ty ya theres pics on my facebook
  4. powerpunchhx2

    Chop's 85' S10 (single cab) * 3 18"s (4th order)

    I now own the s10 I done some work on it the subs right now are droppin hz hotel 18s
  5. powerpunchhx2

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    whats up team members brothers and sisters!!!just droping by to say we are still alive brenda and i. cant wait to slam i am thanking of making the alero just a demo car dont know yet the wifes yukon did a 148.2db with the mike in the kick and the alero done a 147.0 in the kick.so the yukon is going to be the spl for us and alseo well demo but still get in the lanes some times
  6. powerpunchhx2


    keep faith and pray thing will turn out for the best keep ya head up chop
  7. powerpunchhx2

    IAK Slamology roll call

    brenda and i will be there just dont know if it will be both cars or not yet