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  1. But what about the stock electronics? Don't you need to add the draw from them into the equation?
  2. Whats the minimum I would need? By the video, half of my stock alt would be 65 amps and 100 per 1000 would be a total of 290. So i would need at least a 300 amp alt? Or should I get a smaller one like a 200 or bigger and run dual alts?
  3. Its the brand and model number. You can look at it at champaudio.net. its a Houston, tx based company. And total is about 2450 watts
  4. But what size would I need?
  5. Yes. A stinger spp1500d under the hood
  6. Ok so I will probably need one bigger than 250? Maybe even 300?
  7. Oh ok thanks sir. I wasn't sure if it did that for clipping or not. But thats great cuz that light on the remote is pretty hard to miss so if it does I will definitely notice it.
  8. Oh yeah i have the test tones. And it is to my 4 channel. I ran out of wire and it was close enough. I have some now so I will do it correctly. And I got it back up but the gain is about 3/4 and the boost is 1/4ish. Should that be right