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  1. It has been a while but here goes. First which radio is in the vehicle? That is, does it have Sync, Nav, THX? Removing the radio and checking to see if it has two, three or four connectors in the back would be a big help. While you're at it give the model number of the radio. It tells a lot about which system is in use. Also is the factory sub amp mounted on the sub box? Does it have one or two connectors?You can't run squat off the original power line to the factory amp, it is only 12 gauge. If you are operating on a very small budget Kicker offers a replacement that I have read improves the factory system. Need more info and a budget.
  2. Just did a preorder for dem EVIL tweets.
  3. Where's the tweets?
  4. Nice box. The markup is outrageous. The list on my Matco was four times what I paid.
  5. Why are you summing your fronts and rears? Tap from the fronts only. If you have the Shaker 500 system you can set for fronts only and have a better sound. The doors on a Mustang benefit considerably from some sound deadener. A stop at SDS.com is wise investment in time. If you are still using the factory door speakers you will never get good sound. There are plenty of aftermarket component systems that sound a hundred times better. I have tried in my 2010 Mustang convertible HIVI, Sundown, Hertz, and my present set are Scan Speaks. The factory cuts off the signal to the mids at 80Hz. I use a simple David Navone LOC with no issues of clipping.
  6. Happy Birthday Aaron
  7. I have a 2010 mustang convertible and I had to offset my Sundown 6.5's to clear the dash because in their unlimited dumbness Ford set up the 5x7's to fit right to the edge of the dash.
  8. Any chances of an 8 inch?
  9. I'll take a set
  10. I bought the Leviathan. I will try going active, if it is too much hassle or I don't like the way it sounds I can add the passive crossovers.
  11. This is the first time I have done something other than just change the head unit.I think I should explain my goals, but first some background. I build and repair CNC machines for a living. I can read a wiring diagram and have gotten pretty good with a soldering gun. My goal is to make my music sound decent when I rolling with the top down. As to the question why run passive, it is because of the hassles of setup. I am going to keep the stock head unit for a lot of reasons, Microsoft Sync, and the issues involved with retrofitting or adapting the climate controls, heated seats, and all the other buttons on the console. I have done a lot of reading on what I should use but I find it comes down to what I like and install issues. I also like having four speaker sound. The Leviathan with six channels handles four speaker sound and a bit of bump. It's size is perfect for my small trunk. I have looked hard at where I could put a sub, under the rear seat, gas tank is in the way. Where the rear speakers are mounted, the convertible top controls and linkages take up most of that space. In the trunk, with the top down it sounds like a blanket was thrown over it. I tried it with my home theater sub on a long extension cord. So, that leaves the doors. At the moment the stock speakers with the exception of the 8" subs are still in the car. I replaced the subs with Dayton audio NS210-44 low profile subs because they fit and the stock units sounded like someone was beating on an empty 55 gal. drum I have a set of HI-VI D620 components I will use, lots of wire,a David Navone line level converter, and Monday I will order the Leviathan. The more I think about it, I think I will see how much I can modify the stock sub enclosure. It is a plastic thing about .5 cft. enclosure attached to the door panel. I still haven't figured out what I will use for back seat speakers yet, I haven't had time to take things apart for measurements.
  12. The Ford Shaker audio system is setup with 6x8 speakers in the upper part of the door and an 8 inch subwoofer in the lower section. The sub in the lower portion of the door has a chamber of molded plastic that is attached to the door panel.
  13. Free wire, 150 feet of it
  14. Don't confuse impedance and resistance. Either way, 15' of wire will not have enough resistance to cause a dire effect. In particular if it is sized appropriately. i'm using 12ga. wire so resistance, I don't think will be an issue. No room in the car is an issue. I was going to put them in the kick panels but both sides have little black boxes in them hogging all the space.
  15. Thanks for the welcome. I am also hoping to install a bit of bump in the stock subwoofer spot in the doors. I just can't decide if I should try to improve on the stock chamber or just cut it off and seal the door and use the door as my box.