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  1. steph46218

    I.A.K shirts

    A large really??? U must b slackin..
  2. steph46218

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    need orders for IAK team shirts.. If any one is interested pls let me kno the shirts will be grey with black hollowed out letters
  3. steph46218

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Iam taking orders for I.A.K shirts if any one is interested the shirts will b grey with a black hollowed out font. I will be setting a deadline soon. I need sizes to get priceing from the screen printers..remember Xl and up are 1.00 more per shirt..shirts go up to a 5x.
  4. steph46218

    I.A.K shirts

    Iam taking shirt orders for any one interested.. The shirts will be grey with a black font. I will not kno priceing til i get a round about number on sizes so if u are interested please let me kno.. I will update soon with a deadline but the screen printers need my order asap.. Ty