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  1. Mason858

    Update on 2 12" Q's sent for recone?

    Now that's taking care of your customer! 5* Fi Audio
  2. Mason858

    Alt not increasing voltage at idle!

    More batteries cant hurt
  3. Mason858

    VCM Controller and Harness Combo Kit XSP310-313

    Any for a 06 nissan titan
  4. Mason858

    1996 Ford Escort Build

    Real clean install! Lil brother did a great job on the box!
  5. Mason858

    Mac's GTI build

    Sweet Ride!
  6. Mason858

    xs power battery terminal posts shipping?

    What did thet cost u and how many did you order?
  7. Mason858

    box design fron ryan at ram designs

    Sound good!
  8. Mason858

    does anyone have experience with the e8's

    The 8 on a 1000rms is nice. There is a frontier on this forum that has this set up look under build logs! But n that honda 2/12 ported could be real nasty!
  9. Mason858

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Either sub will get nasty in the rite box!
  10. Mason858

    Just wanna lurk a bit

  11. Mason858

    Jay's 79 Burban 12-12's in a 4thorder..

    great job!! keep up the good work!!
  12. Mason858

    Grasshopper's Hoe

    Looking good !!! Im tuned in...