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  1. This topic is going to become relevant again soon enough.
  2. Just as side note, these were all programmed, built, calibrated and tested by a 4 people team, "in house". Except for the PCBs of course.
  3. Hi everybody, Greetings from Accuwave. So here it is, the new APM-2. We've worked a lot with the SSA team in the past year to bring you one of the coolest devices to hit the SPL scene. The only stand-alone SPL meter compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. No drivers required, no wires, no initial setup. In order to use the APM-2 with your device you require one of the following: iOS 8.4+ starting from Apple iPhone 4s Android 4.4+ with Bluetooth 4.0 support* Windows 10 enabled device(Phone, PC, Laptops, Tablets) with Bluetooth 4.0 support** * Due to different implementations of the Bluetooth drivers in Android, some devices may have unexpected connectivity issues. We are currently working around these issues. Works on all major phone brands. ** App is going online in the following days Sensor features: Individually tested and calibrated within 0.05 dB. Incredible measurement repeatability due to the 24bit industrial grade ADC, very short analog signal path and low noise design. Accurate measurements can be achieved from around 95.0 db up to 174.0 db. The high end will be improved in a future firmware update. 2Hz report rate with 1 Hz frequency accuracy. Stand-alone unit design. 9V Battery powered, with proper battery compartment (sorry for that APM-1 people). This was the only way we could achieve the proper low noise design, DC-DC converters in charging circuits are not friendly. RGB Logo light. Used as identification color when multiple sensors are connected. Approximately 10h continuous battery life with good Alkaline batteries. Auto-off after disconnection. OTA Firmware updates Current app features: Record Basscam videos with live SPL scores. No more wasting video time to film a PC screen. Realtime, Peak and Average scores on video recording. Connect up to 2 sensors in Basscam, record instant battles. Measure peak and view realtime scores. Measure an average score over a time period, countdown and class limit included. Video render time is device dependent. Sensor number limitations are platform specific: Max 5 sensors on Windows and Apple devices. Max 2 sensors in Android - will improve in future updates We are constantly working on adding more features, and you will receive app updates seamlessly. App links: Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wpd.accuwave iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ssa-studio/id1091336601 Windows - https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nblggh4ncpp Please send crash feedback when it happens. There's a lot of improvements we can do and we're actively working on the apps. Also, feel free to discuss any ideas we could implement.
  4. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Price range will be around 300-350$ shipped. Also, lifetime warranty
  5. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Somehow route an inline bluetooth device hooked up to the amps +\- that can transmit real time to phones/tablet/laptop display??? Anywhere within the bt distance should provide instant feedback. Not sure if feasible, but that would be sweet to have wireless dmm and volt meter thats accurate. Exactly that. Stay tuned.
  6. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Question for the future users: What would you like on the initial App interface? Is the spectogram and sine wave display essential? Or could that be integrated in an "advanced" mode?
  7. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    We are "lazy" people. We like stuff to just work out of the box and require no maintainace. Except for changing batteries once in a while.
  8. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    All bluetooth. No cables. Cables break and get lost.
  9. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Interesting idea. We will surely look into it. Unfortunately the current box is stuffed. But why not Accuwave ACM-1? Wireless, same software, same box... That could go on our to-do list... If anybody has any more ideas, please throw them at us. We gladly accept any input.
  10. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Also, the communication protocol will be open, anybody interested will be able to develop apps for it.
  11. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    The point is to have a simpler, cheaper and more flexible calibrated SPL meter. Initially the software will be for Android, but Windows software will be available ASAP. Not sure yet about IOS.
  12. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    This is starting to look like a development thread. Okay then.
  13. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    We forgot something essential.
  14. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    Even so early we can say the price will be significantly lower.
  15. Accuwave

    AccuWave Pressure Meter teasers

    You won't find them yet. The photo is of the first prototype, there's still some work to be done.