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  1. Smartass

    now im a beliver :)

    The Kove Aphex Processor is fine in your setup, that piece is great as it is built to restore lost fq's during recording and mastering.
  2. Smartass

    Canadian Sundown Testing

    Yes this is very good and a great day to say....told ya so There will still be people pissed about it but whatever. Nice going Jordy and thanks to brad for posting over here.
  3. Smartass

    Protecting my investment

    Do your big three first and then re-check the issues. This step is very important and will most likely correct the issue. Its cheap and easy to do.
  4. Smartass

    Canadian Sundown/Bassworx Big Bass Packages!!

    You guys can check out the subs here http://www.bassworx.com/productpage/Subwoofers.html
  5. Smartass

    3000d @ 1/2 ohm..

    Well im sure jacob will chime in, but for the most part they are very realiable. However there is no warranty coverage for 1/2ohm operation. And if you do it you need 1 or 2 good batteries besides your main one under the hood. And make sure they are good batts at that. 0 gauge wiring a must and big 3 upgrade important as well. You have to make sure you can keep it fed to avoid damage, keep that in mind.
  6. Hey there all, for all the Canadians wanting a stellar bass package. Check out our new Big Bass Packages!! http://smartass.bz/catalog/index.php/cPath...5d49778fa613223 All the packages are utilizing Sundown Audio amplifiers for only the best in sound re-production. And paired up with the new Bassworx subs. The packages are only available in Canada. But if you US guys want the Bassworx subs let us know. Thanks Jacob
  7. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    Very much so
  8. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    Well here you go, I happen to be very cool with Yuli. So I hit him up and asked him about this test. Turns out it never happened. So who is telling tall tails. Re: Hey There Quote: Originally Posted by Smartass Hi Yuli, I would like to know if you have tested any Sundown 1500W amps and what your test revealed. Someone is stating you did a test with a pair and I have no clue if you did. Could you please verifiy Thanks bro not true. i've never even seen one. __________________
  9. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    As far as I know Yuli does not own a pair and the closest pair in Canada is out west. So I do not believe this test has been done. But I PM Yuli for info on this.
  10. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    I think it also speaks volumes that your on the Sundown forum Wagonized.......worried? No I know you will say something like I just like to see the BS. But I know its because of your curiousity about the products otherwise you would not be here.
  11. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    ridiculous and illogical? the test numbers posted for the sundown 1500d were done so by someone on THEIR payroll. Similar to how the DD Z1 puts out 6000 rms on soundpressure.com. Except morons actually believe it because the sundown amp is a lot more affordable. A strapped pair of 1500d's has been tested to be 2.5db below a z1. And generally the z1s are known to put out a real world wattage in the 2000-3000 watt range depending on voltage drop, box rise etc. So in REALITY which amp is better dollar per watt? Sundown amps might be decent for beginners but I dont understand what their claim to fame is about running at 0.5 ohm daily. There are probably 100 other amps in the world that can do this no problem. And make more power. If you want to buy sundown go ahead....but dont pick up a lump of chit and try to tell people its gold. You guys out there have already been shown tests after tests of the Sundown SAZ1500D making the power they claim and still there is disbelief? Non of the tests are done by people on payroll bottom line. Believe what you will. And for the record no one claimed 3500Wrms out of 1 Sundown amp like someone was reporting.
  12. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    Theres only 3 people that I can think of that actually run DD amps out here. I wouldn't say the whole west coast is "drinking the DD koolaid". Well all im saying is there is a very strong DD following out there. And Wagonized is also a friend of The A Team from CCA which is a DD dealer IIRC.
  13. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    ^^^ 100% agreee, its awsome to be able to deal with your sales guy and owner of the company 1 on 1. I like to call Sundown an Old School type car audio company. Before all the internet and marketing and company shares and blah blah blah you could talk to the company owners and get a feel for what they are all about. Warranty issues are never an issue with Jacob. Taken care of straight away. The porduct even reminds me of the old school gear solid rated at 12v no bull chit max power rating and so on. I use to be a die hard long time supporter of USAMPS and sold them for years. As companies get to big to talk to there supporters and customers alot is lost in faith. As for performance, IMO there is no compairision between a Kicker 1500 and a SAZ1500. And these things take a beating. Are they the cheapest amps.....No are they worth every penny......for sure with out a doubt. Don't listen to people that have never even touched the product and bash because the whole west coast in Canada is drinking the DD koolaid. DD is strong out there as the distributor is also out there. They make great product but im not taking out a mortgage for an amp or subs. 75% of all car audio enthusiests own houses and have families and life to pay for as well. If you try the product no doubt you will love it. I have been dealing with this hate on for sometime now and most of my Sundown customers have the "I dont give two craps about what people say or think" mentality there is a couple of big players in the works in the Canadian SPL scene that may be on the Sundown train shortly. So expect to see big things and for the attitude to flip shortly. I will even go out on a limb and say that if you purchase one from us as you are Canadian, if your not happy send it back and I will refund you. Thats how convinced I am that you will no doubt love it. Cheers bro
  14. Smartass

    sundowns 1500 vs kicker 1500

    Lets not forget that the DD amps are mainly SPL one note wonders, this coming from even people that own them. The Sundown amps are also very musical. Most have been using for SPL but at the end of the day can be used for SQ or LSQ all day long.
  15. Smartass

    Misinformation needing correction

    Bottom line is the internet is the internet. People are scared to try new products. And on the internet they have the ablity to turn there nose up at any products that they have not used or I heard a guy who heard a guy type attitude. I have used tons of high-end gear and IMO the Sundown amps that Jacob is building ( And Yes I say Building, because he decides what parts are used to perform the way he wants them to ) will without a doubt hold there own with the "High End Gear" at more then half the price. Bottom line let them pay 3K to get the same results. looks good on them.