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  1. backyardbass97

    Need my SA8's to beat a pair of 10's

    Ok the sa-8's will cost u $135 each so thats $540 for the subs and you said a audiopipe amp i don't recommend those amps (heard some bad reviews) i say go with a SPL GORILLA 5500 amp from amazon $245.95 and it will put out more power and the go with some good 0 gauge Knukoncepts is what i recommend and a XS power batt the D975 will give you enough backing and a mechman alt maybe the 270a high output alt ( link http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/store/products/270a-High-Output-Alternator-Altima.html ) and the enclosure should be a regular ported tuned to 32 hertz or below around 3.5 cubes and i can design it for you if you would like and that should set you to be around $ 1,614.97 and some other misc stuff here and there the main thing that is the most money is the alt so there you go hit me up in a pm if you want that box design. backyardbass97 heres the link for the wire ( http://www.knukonceptz.com/StoreCart.cfm?AddprodID=KCA0R )
  2. backyardbass97

    recone for diamond audio old school sub

    Is there anyway to get the gap reading without ripping it apart?
  3. backyardbass97

    recone for diamond audio old school sub

    neither one will work for it.. they might be able to make one that will work for that sub but doubt it y will they not work
  4. backyardbass97

    recone for diamond audio old school sub

    ok so i got this sub from my uncle and its a d2 3" voice coil diamond audio 15" and i think its the old school hex pro but the dust cap is messed up and the spiders aren't stiff anymore so i need a recone i would like to do a FI bl or old school ufo btl recone for it but i need to know if it will fit and will it work with this sub heres a picture so help please it says its 750 watts i dont know if that is peak or rms wattage
  5. backyardbass97

    4" vc Fi BL 12

    how did u order the 4" voice coil option
  6. backyardbass97

    I need an amp!

    this is what you should get its a lil over but its a good amp herd good reviews about it http://www.amazon.com/Lanzar-OPTI2000D-Optidrive-Competition-Amplifier/dp/B0002YU43C/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1315969350&sr=1-1
  7. backyardbass97

    IA flatlyne 15. i can smell it cookin

    its clipping what is you gain set at
  8. backyardbass97

    Enclosure Types

    www.the12volt.com and bace1 is good site to learn on good luck are you doing a build or something
  9. backyardbass97

    Want to upgrade from a 12" to two 12"

    sundown sa-12's http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/store/products/Sundown-Audio-SA%252d12.html skar vvx 12's http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/store/products/SKAR-Audio-VVX%252d12%22-Sub-Woofer.html lanzar opti1233d can take 3000wrms each http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001RJPYMM/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER sundown and skar are under rated wrms but can take what you can through at them here's some vids of all of the subs i listed sundown sa-12- skar vvx-12- lanzar opti1233d- so you decide
  10. backyardbass97

    93-02 camaro for SPL?

    get a 79 2 door cutlass
  11. this is the best bet right here http://www.amazon.com/Hifonics-Brutus-BXI1610D-D-Class-Amplifier/dp/B001R7XLG0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1311995933&sr=8-4 or this what ever you want http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003PSCBUQ/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=A3LLMZ9K72U9P2
  12. backyardbass97

    15" z v2 d2

    ok thanks guys
  13. backyardbass97

    15" z v2 d2

    in a 4.5 cubic feet box tuned with an 6" aero port
  14. backyardbass97

    Amp Going into Protect

    what amp and what is the ohm load on it