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  1. OPry

    Spinning Sub Woofer enclosure?

    He kept telling everyone he did it by using leprechaun urine. lol
  2. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    This came across my mind at one point but wasn't sure if it would work. I guess it's something to look into. Would anybody know of a good eq that could be used for this?
  3. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    Don't say things like that. If decide to buy something then I just save up and get it. Out of my price range would be something like the DD Z but if I was just dying to get one, then I would.
  4. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure how to word my response so lets start with this: What makes one more for SPL or music? And if they are that different, then what about the N2? Oh and don't worry about my setup just yet. I have a couple more plans with what I have before getting new stuff.
  5. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    Edited post #15. Sorry TeamRamRod. Hopefully I cleared everything up
  6. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    I know I have a hard time explaining things but is my head that messed up that nobody understands me? I feel so alone... Lets try this again. lol Forget my vehicle and your vehicle. Forget my amps and your amps. Forget everything. Take the N3. Build the best system you can for it with whatever application you think. Now take the SMD and do the same thing. (Can be the same or different appication) Compare. Give details. Give your opinion. ???? Profit
  7. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    I have an N3, and it sounds just fine to me. Sound quality is objective, to Richard Clark I'm sure my N3 sounds like crap. The Supergauss woofer would excel in a daily scenario though. If weight or space is a problem, the N3 would win. Do you see what I'm getting at Opry? You asking which woofer is best does not help get your question answered. I understand what you are saying. That's why I'm asking for opinions on whatever setup you guy would have in mind with these subs. If somebody thought that a Fi powered by a Chinese amp from ebay playing in a cardboard box would sound better for music, then I wanna hear what they have to say.
  8. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    It's not that big of a difference. Especially when you get the Fi fully loaded. Compared to the DD Z series, I think these are a much better deal.
  9. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    Well you can see what power I have in my sig but regardless of what I have, Imagine using the optimum amp setup.
  10. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    I like pictures so... This VERSUS This
  11. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    I edited post 3 Trod.
  12. OPry

    Fi BTL N3 vs. AA SMD

    Well I know they are both SPL oriented. So general SPL and can play music if desired. What do you like and dislike about them? How would you use them in what application? Just in general, which sub is better for what at any power with any enclosure in your opinion?
  13. What would you say is better for a single sub set up in general after giving whatever power needed and space required? I've been comparing T/S parameters but just want other people's opinions.
  14. OPry

    Paco's Truck : New FedEx Rep Demo !

    Nice man. It sure seems like those subs have a lot of bang for the buck.
  15. OPry

    New setup ideas

    Yeah I was thinking of doing an spl box just for a show coming up. I think a higher tuning would help but I can't really add much more power because i'm well over the rms on these subs already. I could use a new alternator though. Also, one of my buddies has two DD 91Z 18's but is only using one. I was thinking of buying that for a one sub setup and invert the sub with the magnet over the amps. Thoughts? I Tried to upload some pics to show what i'm talking about but it wouldn't let me so I'll take some better ones this weekend when I go to trod's and upload them with his account. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TROD!! And my highs amp is under the false floor so there's not much room to be gained without moving everything.