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  1. element

    New BTL's.....Exclusive pics tonite :D

    You'd have to mount them inverted to get any sort of sleeper effect out of them though! I don't know why people buy subs that look big just because they look big... only the owner is going to know what monsters they really are unless, like I say, they invert them. The cone of a sub with a monstrous motor is going to look to the same to a layperson (when mounted normally) as the cone of a sub with a unique motor like this. Who cares about size! It's the performance that matters. This sounds like a speech from the president of the small penis association, but you get my point. Ironically, I forgot that I had a picture of my apx in my avatar - please ignore the contradiction of its motor size and the message I'm trying to get across.
  2. Keep in mind, the pair of strapped amps will halve the final impedance of the subs... If my math is right, you could run eight SVC 4-ohm subs and end up with a 1-ohm load for each amp (2 ohms strapped)
  3. element

    SSA teaser pics of 8" driver

    Call it the mICrON
  4. element

    Got burned.

    Interesting tip, stardom. The pucker has resurfaced, although it's probably too late to pursue anything now, assuming this lead goes anywhere.
  5. element

    trying to buy a sub...

    I received my stuff today, stunna... Hold tight!
  6. element

    Another SX Recone Request...

    I got a notice and picked the package up today; everything's in great condition - thanks!
  7. element

    Another SX Recone Request...

    Excellent, I eagerly await them and thanks for the update.
  8. element

    Another SX Recone Request...

    Well my score dropped noticeably two nights before that 2X in Edmonton and I couldn't figure out why I was only doing low 147s... When I pulled out the subs a week or so afterwards, I noticed that one of the coils was dead on one of the SXs. That was only with one Z1, but they had taken a lot of abuse in testing so it was understandable. To finish that sub off I strapped both Z1s on the remaining coil. And here I am.
  9. element

    trying to buy a sub...

    Nope, that's depressing now that I know there is such an email though... haha
  10. element

    trying to buy a sub...

    No doubt things will be crawling across the border and the Fi-Guys are busy, but it'd just be nice to know whether or not the stuff's even been shipped yet!
  11. element

    trying to buy a sub...

    They seem to have dropped off the face of the earth... I sent money for some stuff on the 22nd of November hoping to be set by Christmas too, but I haven't heard anything since they received the cash; despite emails and a thread. I'm from Canada too, maybe that's our problem... Canada-haters! Just kidding.
  12. element

    Another SX Recone Request...

    Bump. Sent money three weeks ago and haven't heard a thing since
  13. element

    Another SX Recone Request...

    I know you guys are busy, but I was just wondering whether or not the recones left on Nov. 28 as mentioned, since I haven't heard anything since. Thanks! -Ryan
  14. element

    Another SX Recone Request...

    Hey guys, I had sent an email awhile back concerning a recone kit for a 12" RE SX (D2) - I'd seen that you had been able to send kits out earlier, and was wondering if you can still do it (and if so, at what price?)... Preferably with that sexy new dustcap I saw while browsing the forum (the one that looks like the original SX cap, but with a Fi logo!). I live up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Thanks, Ryan
  15. element

    Z1 VS strapped 1500's

    They're doing Z1a's now