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  1. brian p

    Audio Dynamics sub enclosure desings

    Yeah I was looking. the enclosures desings are interesting. But I was wandering if they make sence.
  2. I would like to keep my question simple at this point. Question has anyone use one of the AudioDynamics subwoofer enclosure design? If so was the enclosure worth the money and time. Thanks for all replys
  3. Thanks guys for the feed back . I m going to hit Ebay and pick one up,
  4. I recently had been in the market for a DSP, and ran across this pice of equipment. The PPI DSP-88r and some input from fellow car audio nuts. Is it worth the $209 bucks. Pros. And cons. Thanks in advance
  5. brian p

    Dcon 10" box help

    I want to built a box for four 10" Dcons max demissions are 37"W x 15"H x 22"D but can stretch the depth a little. . Im using a rockford T1000 at 1ohm. What is suggestions out there thanks in advance
  6. Vehicle : 95 cadillac sedan deville Location in the vehicle: trunk under rear deck between shock towers , down firing with port back behind driver's side rear seat Space available (Length x Width x Height): 20" x 40" x 13.5" Subwoofer make and model: American Bass XD 1022 powered Q1 2200D @1ohm Subwoofer Size: 10" Number of Subwoofers: 4 in a staggered format Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): slot What type of music do you like?: rap r&b rock Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: everyday Tuning Freq (Hz): 32Hz Volume : 4.09 after woofers port and bracing Questions: has any one here ever tried this type of set up and if so how did it turn out?
  7. brian p

    Decware sub boxes

    Cool, frogcase2002 I'll take you up on that here soon. I got box to build for a 85 paressanne
  8. brian p

    Decware sub boxes

    Lol.. thanks man I needed that...lol
  9. brian p

    Decware sub boxes

    Hey I'm just sitting looking at emails and there was message from this websitehttp://www.decware.com/newsite/DBK10II.html I'm wondering if anyone here has heard, built or seen any of these sub boxes before and what did you think of them.
  10. Have thought about 2 Dcon first generation 12's in that same box with polly fill. Im running mine in in about .8cuft each with 1/2pound polly fill sealed. Sounds great. I'll sell you mine for a cheap price. Tring to move up to Gcons.
  11. brian p

    WTB RF T500 - 1bd or T1000-1bd

    I have the first gen. The punch 45 and a p 300 mono block,, trying to post pics but not sure how
  12. Looking to by or trade for aa RF T500-1bd or T1000 -1bd. I have RF amps to trade.
  13. brian p

    New speaker set up?

    It seeem to me if you find speakers with a lot of the same specs. The crossover should work fine, if im wrong please explain. Thanks
  14. brian p

    Got me a nice tool box finally.

    Nice box, I would love too have a box that nice. Great job
  15. brian p

    New speaker set up?

    Try putting together your own based around the type r crossovers. Parts express is a good place to start