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  1. tprj82

    dammit. fi..............

    I'm pretty sure the plan is to get effing loud. So, spill the beans oh wise and knowledgeable one. curious to, whats your thoughts
  2. tprj82

    dammit. fi..............

    its taking alot longer then expected, but its coming! shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. tprj82

    older Q with newer Q

    they came back with a no, has to do with different motors and what not the reason i was asking cause i have an 07 q15 looking for a match
  4. thats great man good job. quick question thats your first comp? and your on team dc? or just decals?
  5. tprj82

    older Q with newer Q

    how old? what size?
  6. tprj82

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    Man or boy?
  7. Any local houstonians going? Ive seen a few say they might in random topics just curious.
  8. tprj82

    zack w A+

    http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/62452-fi-ssd-d2-12/ Fast shipping, product better then described in my book, Great communication even when the shipping was a little higher then he thought still shipped it, and did not try to hit me up for more. So a stand up guy would deal with again. Thanks zack!
  9. I'm going to put a camera in my upcoming wall build myself but thats because i plan on getting a boat soon and making it easier to get that into the lake. I would swing by an inspection shop and ask them, most states require you to have 2 mirrors, required is your driver side mirror and either your rearview or passenger side mirror. I dont know of any state that has limitations on window tint/ light visibility on rear windows so therefor 0% light visibility would be legal so whats the difference between a wall or tint or vinyl? also vehicles like the ford transit come factory with steel where the rear windows so you cant see out of them and they are non commercial vehicles
  10. tprj82

    Q1-2200D - Stability at lower impedances?

    Ive ran one before for a few weeks at .67 daily with a factory alt and batt and just an extra old kinetic 2400 in the back no issues. this was in my friends 99 v6 mustang
  11. tprj82

    Fi ssd d2 12

    Sent/sold lol
  12. tprj82

    dammit. fi..............

    They are just a few woofers I ordered to help hold my floor down in my living room 8p. Lol well that's what it feels like anyways. Hopefully I'll have a posted build log in the next week or2
  13. tprj82

    Introductions & brief background

    Welcome seems to be quite a few houstonians on here
  14. tprj82

    New Member/The Woodlands, TX Introduction...

    Well After this show your going to want more lol, but Paul and Kurt at dip Tex cab help you out with that, one of the best shops I have ever stopped by
  15. tprj82

    New Member/The Woodlands, TX Introduction...

    If Steve makes it he is over a 160, audio Jake's Toyota is over a 60 as well, flavius will be there making some noise as well