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  1. platnum accord

    Car Audio Calculator

    as talking like anything i could add, this would mostly be for myself and well if someone wanted the form i could send them that too. this is more for me to practice my coding.
  2. platnum accord

    Car Audio Calculator

    well here it goes, im a programming student and bored as hell because the workload is so light right now. And basically i am making an all in one car audiuo calculator. Sofar i have a calculator that allows someone to punch in cone size, number of subs, and desired tuning frequency and the program will spit back all relevent information such as the length of the port needed for a transmission line box, the port area that will be needed, and an estimation, based on material thickness, a rough estimate of how big cubic foot wise the box will be. and from this i can minimize it back down into a cone area calculator, and a box size calculator. i was just looking for some suggestions as to something i could add to make this a downloadable product for anyone who wants it. sofar its coming along nicely, but the layout for the interface sucks lol. so yeah just any tips or math i could add would be greatly thanks. mike.
  3. platnum accord


    someone posted up a link to a SMdesigns thread that had a whole bunch of tips and help for building a good transmission line box. Whoever posted this up please let me know, as i am having trouble searching for it. Much thanks to anyone who has this link. Mike.
  4. platnum accord

    Box build for my Havoc 18s.

    i like how you stackked the wood so perfect for a picture hahaha.
  5. platnum accord


    haha well considering the 12 is listed as what...350 ish, and i can get a high end rd sub for about 6-700, i was thinking you would be near that price for 2. and hey, i have more then enough pennies lol.
  6. platnum accord

    Ascendant Audio's New Home!

    i see, well then who would i talk to for the best pricing?
  7. platnum accord

    Ascendant Audio's New Home!

    does aa still have a website, ive been trying to look for it with no results.
  8. platnum accord


    i would be in for an 18, well 2 actually. i really like the ixl 18 but the impedence is fudged up relative to every other sub. if it came in a dual 2 like the ixl 15 i would be all over it.
  9. platnum accord

    newbie status/ how to get rid of?

    i am a noob at heart.
  10. platnum accord

    New pick-up line...

    thats almost as bad as saying its not called rape any more, its just suprise sex. SUPRISE BEACH!!!!
  11. platnum accord

    Look here for Ebay LULZ!!!!

    idn but he has it. and the car is fast if you like to drive fast. maybe a caliper? but it has like 3 clutch kits, 2 fuel pumps lol. and countless gaskitcawlibors, so it must be fast.
  12. platnum accord

    Look here for Ebay LULZ!!!!

  13. platnum accord

    Look here for Ebay LULZ!!!!

    Ebay FT-LULZ wow. someone read the description and tell me if this guy knows his stuff or what.
  14. platnum accord

    Now Playing!

    this him - Luch Millions (ft Rich boy and AK)