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  1. super sql

    3 rl-s 10s or 1 rl-p 15?

    lol what do want to hear? hahaha
  2. super sql

    3 rl-s 10s or 1 rl-p 15?

    i guess i am looking for tight bass and sometimes impress some people. currently running a audiopulse revo 15 and i love everything about it. but i always like to try something different.
  3. super sql

    3 rl-s 10s or 1 rl-p 15?

    looking to try something different. 3 rl-i 10s will be in a sealed box. the rl-p 15 will be ported. i have a dls A6 amp to power which ever i go with. it does 1200wrms at 1ohm. music preference is heavy metal, trance, and jazz/rock.
  4. super sql

    sound splinter rl-i 10

    thanks. i think we gonna do 2.4 cuft. hope it sounds good. not using the rl-s right now. got a audiopulse revo15 in trunk. same family of sub though:)
  5. super sql

    sound splinter rl-i 10

    my friend bought a sound splinter rl-i 10 the other day from someone. and now he is going to order another one from sound splinter so he can have a pair of those subs. we are going to build a ported box. so how many cu ft is good for a pair of rl-i 10s in a ported box?
  6. super sql

    THE first SSA/Fisher Customs combo

    bj's boxes are always solid looking. great box.
  7. super sql

    attention: people running single rlp -15

    have any of you heard the rl-s? if so how does the rl-p's sq compare to the rl-s? i had 2 rl-s 12s in my trunk so i know how clean the rl-s sounds. want to know how the rl-p compares.
  8. super sql

    New BTL's.....Exclusive pics tonite :D

    man the suspense is killing me.
  9. this thread is for those people running a rl-p 15. how much power you feeding it? how big is your box? whats it tuned to? a brief review would be nice. like how it responds on certain music.
  10. super sql

    mad props to mike from sound splinter

    here is what my trunk looks like. 4 cuft sealed box.
  11. super sql

    Mike @ soundsplinter

    another thing awesome about what mike does is he charges exactly how much the shipping will be. so the closer you are, cheaper the shipping.
  12. super sql

    mad props to mike from sound splinter

    ahhh the man who got me to buy the rl-s. thanks again for the recomendation. lol. god i love these subs. now that i got 2 its loud at the same time super clean. i still can't believe how lowwwww these hit.
  13. super sql

    mad props to mike from sound splinter

    denim i will have pics soon enough. along with a video of the aweome excursion.
  14. i recently bought another sound splinter rl-s. i have both of them in a 4 cuft sealed box powered by a mmats d3500.1. they sound awesome. what else is awesome is that i asked mike if he could personally delivered the sub to me and he did. when he brought the sub i was like damn i got my sub delivered by the owner of the company. how awesome is that. lol. anyways my car sounds awesome and i will have vids soon.
  15. super sql

    Has anyone bought an RLS?

    lol. i will be buying another rl-s soon. i will attempt to fit a 5-6cuft box in the trunk of my honda accord. if it doesn't then i am using one for my home theater. the amp to power this for home is going to be expensive though.