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  1. 1.59 cubic feet box for 2 JBL P-Series 10's. Fill the box with medium fiberglass fill, at 100% fill. The dimensions of the hatch are: Max Dimensions: (measured as how physically big something can fit into the trunk with the hatch open without touching anything around it) Height: 28 in Width: 42 in Depth: 13 in Port Color: Black Flush Mount Ring Color : Black Carpet Color: Charcoal I will enclose pictures for clearer observation later today.
  2. eman301

    Quote for two 10 inch JBL P-series subs

    Yeah, I just noticed the other threads. Sucks. Do you have any recommendations? Or who I could ask for recommendations?
  3. eman301

    Quote for two 10 inch JBL P-series subs

    Hello! I am most certainly interested in the enclosure! One thing changed, though. I do not have the JBL subs. I have 10'' DCON's instead. Sorry that I haven't checked the thread. I thought it was dead. If you can get me a quote, we can get the ball rolling! I need a new enclosure. Also, I need to update the dimensions of my trunk. There's a lot of trim that I didn't have back when I first bought the car (around the time I made this thread) that I do now. I will update with correct figures. Again, I apologize for not checking this thread.
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    Quote for two 10 inch JBL P-series subs

    I know you're busy and you're highly regarded as one of the best, but I would like this as soon as possible (like many others here). Right now, I just want some type of confirmation that you acknowledge this request because it was stated that you would stop taking enclosures requests on the 31st. I don't want to be forgotten lol.
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    Quote for two 10 inch JBL P-series subs

    Zip code is: 20782