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  1. That's crazy. Wish my car idled nicer.

    Get some dubstep on video!!

    Yeah I also want another XS battery but very happy with the electrical.

    I have a whole dubstep selection that I need to run through. Hope to find something that works with my setup.

  2. Your videos just reinforce my decision on getting ZCONS even more. Nice build sir. Also did you pay to have the mechman installed or did it yourself?

    Yeah you wont be disappointed with the zcons. IMO these subs sound good at any listening level with a bass knob or PAC LC-1.

    As for the alt I had it installed at a local shop.

  3. After Mark is back, the enclosure designs and more downloadable 3D models will be going up. If you have a specific enclosure question before then, shoot me a PM and I will help you.

    Sounds good thanks for the update. I would like to play around with building my own enclosures and your models would be really helpful to practice with.

    PM sent.

  4. Vehicle Make and Model: 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Direct of Box/Subs: Subs facing up and port facing rear

    Sealed or Ported: Ported

    Number of Subs: (2) two

    Brand and Model of Subs: SSA ZCONs

    Max Dimensions: 43w x 22h x 18d

    Port Color:

    Flush Mount Ring Color (if flush mount is chosen):

    Carpet Color: See note below.

    Zip Code for Shipping Quote: 20146

    Any other notes:

    Please give me a quote for a bare box, black carpet and rhino line typ material/pain (if you have it). I am looking for a loud setup for my daily driver.

    I am looking to get a new box that is between 3-3.25ft^3 per sub (which is the ported optimal specs for the ZCONS) and tuned somewhere between 31-37hz (which ever would be loudest and good on music/SPL). I would like the subs facing up with the port facing the rear.

  5. Is the SSA apparel going to be on sale too?

    x2 this. I have been eyeing a few SSA shirts.

    I already know what I want. Purposely held off on purchasing after I got the black Friday sale email from SSA. Hoping for some stupid prices on XS Power stuff.

    Thanks in advance SSA for the black Friday sale. Definitely appreciate it as a consumer.

  6. Looking good!

    You still play football or is that just a memento?


    I dont play ball its just a memento. That was after college from my days trying out with a few semi pro teams. I had back problems for years and finally decided to hang it up after back surgery in 2010.

  7. Install looks great man. Wish I wasn't concerned with trunk space in my little old sedan. Then I'd be pimping it out more.

    Yea I have been there. But alot has changed for me and the good thing is that trunk space isnt a requirement.

  8. Got my Mechman 270a alt the other day, just need the funds to get that installed, so not really going full tilt with the bass. typically only play it about half volume. But those ZCONs get down! Thanks to SSA for making a great product at a great price!

  9. What amps? What bats? You building the enclosure?? Should be an awesome build!!! More More More!!! :popcorn:

    Guess I shouldn't have posted so quickly. Very Nice!!!

    All good haha. I have been sitting of this for a while but the sub stage is all set. A few more updates pics to post.

  10. A few shots of the current setup.

    Installed the Pioneer HU:


    DC Audio 5k is wired up:


    I have the SSA ZCONS sitting in a ported box facing up. Box designed by RAM Designs. The amp is mounted on top of the battery box which contains two XS Power D3400s and a D6500 in the front.



    Decided to leave plain right now thinking about covering it with decal stickers

  11. Here is my build log. I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee with two SSA ZCON 12’s. :woot:

    I have the subs, amps and batteries in and just working on getting the electrical and speakers installed. Running low on funds but here is what I have so far.