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    02 tahoe 6.0
  1. trmixing@ymail.com

    Official Taramp's Announcement

    already got 10356 watts out of it at 14.3. with my previous built the lowest i dropped was 14.2 and that was with only 2 runs now with 6 runs of 1/0, big 3 doubled up (big6 lol) and larger batteries i dont expect it do drop even that much. b/c they're rated at 0.3% i wanna see what they'll do on a amp dyno since its gonna show 1% thd. should be mid to high 10k so many hate b/c they dont know any better.. they just know Brazilian and run their mouths like idiots and never personally touched one.. just go based of what someone else said Taramp's FTMFW
  2. trmixing@ymail.com

    Taramp's Q&A

    well those are good pics, dont need to bother uploading mine
  3. trmixing@ymail.com

    new tweeters

    get some power on your mids and look at mclaren supertweets... got mine stupid cheap on amazon and they're even cheaper right now. they sound great and look good too
  4. trmixing@ymail.com

    Taramp's Q&A

    Heisenberg i can show you the guts of my hd8000 LOOKS can be very deceiving b/c ppl are so use to korean guts. was 3-400watts short at 12.6 but over was well over lol
  5. trmixing@ymail.com

    Official Taramp's Announcement

    i currently run a hd8000, ts1300x2 and ts600x4.. love them all the hd8000 i had bench by a good friend thats a bass head and electrical engineer from ga tech.. he consistently benched it in the low 10k rms(10356 was the best at 14.3 starting at 15.1) and was astonished with the kinda power it put out considering its guts and size vs his rockford t4000..he's getting rid of his t4000 for a HD5000 btw i run toolmaker triples too, thats the only thing i didnt like about the amp single 1/0.. figured it would have at least dual 1/0 on cold starts recently my truck will sit at 15.6 and slowly work its way between 14.9-15.1 (usually set my vcm to 15.1 when doing demo's 14.9 daily) the amps dont have an issue with high voltage. i decided to be an odd ball and i like my choice.
  6. trmixing@ymail.com

    Fi BL 15 vs. Sundown X 15???

    sundown X's slam.. so do FI BL's. ive personally heard both and prefer the X's ive heard.. i know someone with 4 x10's on a ns10's in a trunk and they hurt and sound great... BL's are still great subs though...both will handle tons of power but X's will dig deeper in pure LOWS...
  7. trmixing@ymail.com

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    these 80+ pound beauties have been released!
  8. trmixing@ymail.com

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    GREAT prices still the same as you sent in a email last month or should i contact you if they've changed at all. ninja's 2 15s show the damage 2 can do which is all im doing to start off with but i'll end up with 4 in my tahoe when its all said and done with about 20k rms.. cant wait
  9. trmixing@ymail.com

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    why when others just got 8 18s.. i have money too.. i should be able to get mine now too i already sold my other subs and im bass less right now. already have the box built for the teams, the other subs i was considering wont work well in the box to just move on... who said anything about making a big deal about? everyone in the thread wants to know an official release date, there's a new fi team tab on the website just no products in the tab just yet... yall are sensitive as hell on the boards these days
  10. Dangrebel, i have a quad i'll sell you for 300 shipped though i do plan on using it for my tahoe with 4 300amp alts
  11. trmixing@ymail.com

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    I was told from nick a few weeks ago they'd be available by now ive seen so many ppl posting pics and video's of theirs, i want a pair too... what do i have to do to get a pair? only wanna wait but so much longer before i choose a different sub
  12. The lady at enterprise rental car said "your way to man to be in a compact car"The company booked me a compact car but she upgraded me to a 2012 Yukon...Thats whats up, thanks Louisville...cuz wednesday I gotta drive from here to memphis. Thats 6 hrs....

  13. Damn, they got a blac man at the far back of the plane. I mean the last seat on this thing lol and the window. The lady said she's gonna move my seat though cuz there are 20 open seats

  14. Tryin to keep my sanity, though somethings just dont equal up. O well...thats just my life, you'd think is be use to it by now.