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  1. Ok, I just checked it again. There's some kind of message that says, "Caution this amp is not supplied with an internal fuse, you must use an external fuse" says something like that, so it means there's no internal fuse which means it's V2!
  2. Yes because of his experience he's aware of the electrical upgrades and we already discussed some of those possibilities, for sure the stock battery will be upgraded, and second battery. Then we'll see if we need the alt or not but, he's like a one-man shop for competition systems, or else in the beginning I was lost I thought I had to get an alt myself from somewhere else, would I get the right one?, then find an installer that would do it, or do I go to a mechanic? lol had so many questions but, now everything will hopefully go smoothly. he just linked me to his website (some still under construction) but, you can see this page - http://www.cca.lejdesigns.com/index.php/team-cayenne and see what the systems can do from his youtube videos i dont know if he's going to have a build log for this particular build. i don't know is that something that's common? i can ask him i suppose. his name is Chad and his company name is "Cayenne Car Audio" in Texas (Dallas area).
  3. I'm not sure what 1/0 means sorry I'm not too good at this stuff that's why I have an installer doing it but, he said he was going to use R0 i think is what he said? I think I asked him if that means 0 guage and he said he calls it R0 (if i remember correctly). Anyway he knows what he's doing, he's won competitions, done demo cars for kicker, is a sundown dealer, his own demo car has a 30k watt system, so I trust whatever he's doing he can handle whatever I have. Well I'll just tell you briefly what the first installers did wrong, it's not necessarily in the actual connecting of the wires etc. it's they had never heard of sundown and i guess they didn't read the manual or anything, they connected the amp to an 80amp fuse and it kept blowing when I would turn the volume up. They tried to tell me it's the amp and get me to buy another amp. I had also initially asked them if they needed to install a 2nd battery, they were saying no, not needed. I was surprised but, whatever. Well, when the fuse kept blowing they told me it's the amp. So, I was ready to replace the amp. Then I started researching and posting on forums to find out what the problem is and why the fuse is blowing because I figured if I get another amp then what if the same issue happens? because sundown is a reputable brand and people speak highly of them so I was disappointed at what was going on. I was told that it needs a bigger fuse, 150 ANL. Plus, I think they hooked it all up to 4 guage. Everybody told me it should be 1/0 like you said. Well, my new installer because of his experience understands all these things, and he is suggesting to do 0R (0 guage) he thinks it will be better and more efficient. I want to get the most out of this amp that I can. Lastly, to top it off the previous installers when I asked them what amp i should get, they recommended to me R1200 - rockford fosgate PRIME lol now you know why i needed to find a new installer?
  4. THANKS! I have the V2 then, I just went and checked it and the 1500 was printed on both corners. I also checked Google Images and confirmed that the old one only has it printed one corner. Thanks again!
  5. I bought the SSA XCON 15D2 + SUNDOWN SAZ-1500D COMBO last year and in my receipt I got to the e-mail that's all it says, it doesn't say if it's the V2 or not. I'm supposed to go to an installer on Monday to get it wired properly as my last installers didn't do it correctly and he just called me and asked if it's the V2 or not since on the V2 you can connect 0 guage to it and he'll have to pick it up in the morning from his warehouse if I need it. I don't know which one it is, and it's installed in my suv and it's installed in the jack compartment so I can't easily get to it, the only end I can see is where the speaker wires connect to. I guess there isn't a way for me to tell from this side which version it is? Any other way I can know? I don't think I have the instruction manual around either. If I bought it in 2010 does that indicate that it should be a V2? I bought it of SSA's website, brand new it was the package/combo. Thanks
  6. We did take a look at it from the front where the seats fold down, it seemed like it might but, the amps are setup on the back of the seats. If it would fit it would be really close and we would have to spend some time disconnecting amps etc. We were meeting up in the middle of a wal-mart parking lot, spent almost 3 hours there trying. Anyway Dustin knows what he's doing so if it would have fit through there for sure without taking a risk of losing effort for nothing if it wouldn't, I'm sure he would have done it.
  7. I bought a brand new 15" xcon d2 from SSA for $388 back in early September. I've had it all this time just sitting here, since we've been working on getting a custom box designed, I've gone through so much frustration that I'm just wanting to give up and not deal with this anymore. How much do you think I would be able to sell this sub for? Still it's in brand new condition, never used, like I said never connected or used even once, and can be vouched for by another member here Dustin (DC-Creations - custom box builder), who I actually met with, all we did was screw in the sub into the box but, we couldn't get the box to fit in the trunk. So, couldn't use it. Also just to be clear, it wasn't Dustin's fault the box didn't fit. I'm a real idiot. It's my first time, never had a custom box built. This is how stupid I am, this was the 2nd box we tried that didn't fit. The first time I measured the inside of the trunk instead of the outer area of the trunk opening that the box goes in through, so the box couldn't fit in. The 2nd time I measured it again, got the box drove 3 hrs to meet Dustin got there, tried to get the new box to fit, now it seems when I measured it from the bottom of the trunk opening, I failed to see there is a latch that opens and closes the trunk which adds to the height, was in the way and keeping it from going in. Went to the store to get pliers to get it removed, did that, went a little further in, then I don't know what, the box was still too big, it wouldn't go in completely, really close but, I since the trunk isn't a perfect square or rectangle there were parts of the trunk that wouldn't let it go in, so the box was still too big. Just too frustrated with it all, and just want to say fuck it, maybe the universe is telling me something and doesn't want me to have a bangin system. What a 4 month tease lol oh well fuck it, my loss is whoevers gain. So how much do you think this would go for? Also, I didn't create a thread in the classifieds yet, want to see what I might be able to get, since I might might might..possibly possbily decide to try it for the 3rd time lol the thing is that each time I have to pay to get the box re-built each time (and it's not Dustin's fault, i know as you can tell I'm just stupid) but, then I'd have to take another 3 hr drive up there, it's just frustrating me what I went through and thinking fuck it. Do you think I could get $300 for it? Don't PM me or anything or tell me you want to buy it, if anybody does then I'll just create a formal thread in the classifieds area with pictures with username on the sub, etc. Dustin has the sub right now, you could probably make a deal with him as well to get a custom box done for this sub.