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    an 01 buick century! and an 05 Trailblazer!
  1. 05Trailblazer

    Problems with my zv3

    sorry to thread jack. but while we are still on topic i have two q's for you. are the stock Z v3 coils 3" or 4"? and can you fit a 4" voice coil of a Nightshade?
  2. 05Trailblazer

    rca jumper cable?!

    bumps peoples
  3. 05Trailblazer

    rca jumper cable?!

    i've been looking all over for them any links to them i seen some audioque but they are like 30 bucks and i think there two long any links would be apreciated!
  4. loving my SA gear!1

  5. loving my SA gear!1

  6. 05Trailblazer

    Sundown E-10 Abuse Testing

    thats a nice looking sub! and good for a budget build!
  7. 05Trailblazer

    Why "daily" systems should not count on impedance rise

    ^^ i see now thanks for breaking it down for me!! music has more peaks (dynamic)
  8. 05Trailblazer

    Wiring two batteries in one car?

    old thread but hey what gives but anserws right!! ^^ thread jack again lol! so right now i have an extra batt in the back i only have a ru of positive to the back and the batt in the back is grounded to my frame its ok right? just of course there is good ground/conductivity in the back right ? i also heard when connectiong a batt from front to back in parallel it creates a diff load or amperage can someone explain?? and hows your system doing OP?? did everything work out for you?
  9. 05Trailblazer

    help setting amp

    ^^ i like it to play at low frequency's!! so not bothering with that ssf! thanks guys and what ever happen to the OP?
  10. 05Trailblazer

    Why "daily" systems should not count on impedance rise

    But at what cost? yea true that! but why do they keep saying that box rise they go from .77 to like 1.4 ect.. is that even true or what??
  11. 05Trailblazer

    SSA ICON 12' vs SSA XCON 12'

    7v vs an 8v anybody?
  12. 05Trailblazer

    How Good Is Your Port?

    this is confusing my little head!! nice info though!!
  13. 05Trailblazer

    Why "daily" systems should not count on impedance rise

  14. 05Trailblazer

    Why "daily" systems should not count on impedance rise

    i think i should just be good at 2ohms for right now! dont think it would be a good idea to run my amp at 0.5ohms! thanks jacob for the info this kind of old but had to make it come alive again!
  15. 05Trailblazer

    help setting amp

    what does ssf do? besides less output? sry for the thread jack