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    Order update on 2 zcon 12's 2ohm

    feels like dejavu in this thread.
  2. TCAS

    once in a lifetime experience!

    Im surprised they let you go that fast for your first time in the car. They must of forgot to limit you. When I did this same thing, I had to settle for the nascar becuase my big ass wouldnt fit in the indy car. My top speed was 145
  3. TCAS

    Sundown Z.v3 18 first Box

    I think its too small already. Most 18s like to be in the 6 to 8 cubic feet range.
  4. I really dont know why you need a ton of juice for the set up you have. Im running a DD M3a and C2C and with the car I own, with a 90 amp alt, and a die hard platinum, it doesn't dim the lights at all. I have my amp set to the subs rms rating of the sub and while just playing a test tone at 50 hz, my alt is only putting out 60 amps. When you listed all of the equipment in your last thread, you stated "the amplifiers are a Alpine PDX-F6 with two 30amp fuses and a PDX-M12 with four 25amp fuses." I doubt you would even see the current draw being close to the total potential of your amps. So I really think you are going a lil over kill on the power and batteries. Unless you are trying to go into spl comps where you will be clipping the hell out of the amp where it would need a lot more juice. Even though you may have set your amps with a DD1, that dont mean that everything you listen to will not clip. Usually when you are clipping, the voltage will drop and hence why your truck is trying to keep up? The only time I even see a drop in voltage is when my amp is clipping hard. I would try to ask your dealership whats up with the alt first before trying to add a ton of batteries you dont need.
  5. TCAS

    PSi Audio?

    a friend had a 21 inch incriminator DP reconed by psi, had coil rub in 2 weeks, didn't even have it full power because he was still trying to break it in.
  6. TCAS

    SP418 enclosure size

    Was helping a friend build a enclosure for a sp4 18 and was told from a lil birdy to do 8 cf tuned to 32
  7. TCAS

    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    tyga rack city.. peaks at 29 and 37 hz
  8. TCAS

    Is my girl preg...?

    is her name dashiki? i think i found your guys sex video
  9. TCAS

    Is my girl preg...?

    she got the stomach ache from swallowing that virgin nut of yours. it was probably old and moldy.
  10. TCAS

    FI IB3's for OB/Dipole home audio use?

    talk to this guy
  11. TCAS

    Enclousre Build for Technoboy (One 10 Inch Fi Q)

    the hole was for plexi
  12. TCAS

    Screws won't budge

    I usually have good luck with these for stripped screws http://www.amazon.com/Alden-8530P-Grabit-Damaged-Remover/dp/B000ETLK7O
  13. TCAS

    2 18" ZCON's on a Digital Designs M4a!!!

    oh wow 6 days off. big whoop. i just made the assumption of a full month since that was the avg build time frame.
  14. TCAS

    4 re audio se 15's or 1 zcon 15?

    I wasnt referring to your answer as being stupid, thanks for the negative mark guys and i was referring that the 400 ho is a typo.. obviously you didnt see the joke.
  15. TCAS

    4 re audio se 15's or 1 zcon 15?

    assuming that its a typo.
  16. TCAS

    4 re audio se 15's or 1 zcon 15?

    depends on whos driving. im sure if the op was driving the 400hp car, he would lose.
  17. TCAS

    2 12" xcons box

    what else do you need thats not in that design?
  18. TCAS

    New from Detroit

    i use to live in hazel park. kinda miss the old hood. welcome
  19. TCAS

    Just how important is port area?

    17 sq ft of port? fuck thats a huge port.
  20. TCAS

    2 12" xcons box

    http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/index.php/downloads/enclosure-designs/item/12-dual-ported-40-ft3.html?category_id=14 has everything you need to build the box
  21. i might be able to make it out for the one this weekend but will definitely make it out for the dec show.
  22. TCAS

    help on port design

    need the size of the sub and how big of a box you are going to use
  23. TCAS

    2 18" ZCON's on a Digital Designs M4a!!!

    Like I said we will be back on the 28th. This is the same way mine was and it took over a month to get 1 xcon
  24. TCAS

    2 18" ZCON's on a Digital Designs M4a!!!

    we will be back on november 28ish when they arrive.
  25. TCAS

    Got my Icon in the mail today.

    just got my xcon yesterday and was lucky it didn't arrive like that..