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  1. I am actually waiting to find out what's up with their 12K. Also, OP let's see some gut pics!!
  2. Jon, I personally have known Tony before he ever came out with their Line. He and John are very straight forward type of guys.
  3. Just FYI. StreetSpl is having another Show on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at American Sounds off of HWY 281N. Hopefully I will have to FEED these BEASTLY 12's!!
  4. Hugo!! What's up man?! When you going to bring out the BEAST again?!
  5. Thanks BigJon for posting up Pics of my setup!! I forgot to bring my camera that day. In all honesty Jon, I already felt DEFEATED when I found out that you and I are in the same Class, and heard your system!! Then I saw what you put up!! I was about to go home and call it a day!!
  6. LEN671

    Anybody ever repair an IPod?

    Alright cool!! Thanks Nem!!
  7. LEN671

    Anybody ever repair an IPod?

    Not trying to take the Spotlight off of Chainsaw's Thread, but I have a quick question for Nem. My question is as follows, Nem will that Method you just mentioned work on a 32gb Ipod Touch 1st or 2nd Gen with part of the screen not detecting movement? Or could it just be a Screen Issue and the Screen just needs to be replaced? Thank you in advance for your input.
  8. Any updates on these AWESOME LOOKING Flare's?
  9. LEN671

    Please welcome DC Creations to SSA

    I look forward to seeing what you create as I am in need of Design for 2 12's.
  10. LEN671

    Single 12 daily driver stealth enclosure

    Any updates as to how this turned out? Numbers or Vids of this "Divine" Setup.
  11. LEN671

    "Breaking In" of Subs.

    First off, I want to say thank you to all who gave their input to my Question. Secondly, Not that anybody cares or is going to be IMPRESSED, but the Subs in question are DC LVL6 12's and the Suspension is VERY STIFF!! They POUND pretty damn good off of one of my MMATS 3500.05 right now. Would it make difference if I played a 20Hz. Tone while they are in the Box already at let's say Volume 10-15 on my Head Unit? Again thanks to all who have given their Input and took the time out to Reply to my Question.
  12. Just as the Topic title states. I have been getting MIXED Responses on whether "Breaking In" your Subs is necessary. What do you think about that or do you not do it at all. I have always "Broke In" my subs, but I have a Comp coming up in the next week or Couple of weeks from now. My subs are pretty much stiff, as I have just installed them today. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your Input on this matter.
  13. Yes, that would be great to have somewhat of a listing as far as what Amps you can use and the amount for each class. But then again like you stated, There are SO MANY different kinds of Amp's out there. There would be constant and repetitive changes done to the list.
  14. So I guess it is looking like my friend will be going the Multiple Amp route. Again thank you all who have given their input to this subject. And again Thank you in advance to those of you who might add or do add on to this Topic after I write this.
  15. Audibel, I understand what you and Impious are saying. Thank you both as well the rest of you who have provided your input to my question. So as far as the amp I used in my example, That Amp's 4 Ohm Rating will put it's User into the 1001 and Up Trunk Class for the USACi Organization.