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    any choice for subs?

    okay i just went to a competition and though i did good but i want to go louder. i have a mostly rockford fosgate system. this is what i have (2) sets of sony component sets (1) T400-4 for the mids and highs (1) T1500-1BDCP for the subwoofer (1) T2D415 the subwoofer is wired down to 2-ohms Pioneer priemer 3200-ub head unit stock 90 amp alt (2) batteries one is a yellow top and the other is a shuriken 80 amp battery 0 gauge wire throughout the car big 3 done on front and back battery box is a 4 c.u. ft. ported and tuned to 36hz the car is a 1996 eclipse rs hatchback i hit 141.0db in stock 2 of the idbl competition im stuck deciding between re audio and fi but open to more ideas on subwoofers any ideas where i can go from here?