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    SAE-1000D Concern - blown fuses- possible melting

    Check all your connections even your speaker wires. I blew my fuses when the speakerwire shorted on the speaker frame
  2. Duaber

    Wonder what this is ?

    That backplate is freaking sexy
  3. Duaber

    Strapping question

    You CAN strap a old-case saz-3000d to a new-case style saz-3000d tho
  4. Duaber

    How did you come up with the name "Sundown"?

    Jacob play some Diablo with me we need to kill the butcher or kill cows
  5. Duaber


    Ahhh this must be the 1000w @ 4 ohm amp you were telling me about. Should be a beast of an amp. I knew Jacob had something up his sleeve if he was liquidating all those 3000's
  6. Duaber

    Trade-In Program

    Actually I will have to agree with Denim this trade-in program might start getting over your head. I think you should just stick to your own amps for trade-in (shipping and selling used amps might become time and financially consuming) There are too many small audio companies that are dieing out and I want Sundown to be around for a LONG time.
  7. Duaber

    Trade-In Program

    I think this is a great idea for sundown promotion-wise for those who always wished they had a sundown amplifier but dont want to go through the trouble of selling the equipment. It will also bring more customers to the sundown-side to checkout jacobs A++++++ customer service
  8. Duaber

    Sundown Audio

    Sundown amps are rated at 12 volts instead of 14 like other companies like to do
  9. Duaber

    Just a happy camper.....another 1500D

    I can't wait till I get my twin thats gonna be around taxtime. But I did sell my 2 year old saz-1500d to get a new one
  10. Duaber

    Where is everyone ?

    We miss you too jacob I think we all just been busy making money for this expensive holiday.
  11. Duaber

    BLOW OUT on 12" Nightshades

    Wow this is a killer price folks! Who needs heavy duty subs?
  12. Duaber

    Team Sundown is taking over

    Jacob seems to put together a mean team
  13. Duaber

    Team Sundown is taking over

    Gotta love huge trophies that don't fit in the car
  14. Duaber

    Congrats Team Sundown!

    Those are some good numbers and places guys! Makes me proud to have such a solid amp
  15. Duaber

    Congrats Team Sundown!

    sundown numbers?
  16. Duaber

    95 Honda Accord Build Log

    Very nice I got an 1997 accord thats doing a 145 on 2 10's and 1500w
  17. Duaber

    SicNik / Usaci 08

    Haha I hear that about rulebooks everyones seems different. I'd love to tryout the MECA format with the headrest stand but they just aren't around my area. PS Sorry baccus and team sundown didn't mean this for to be a blame fest like stated just want the team to look good by following the rules
  18. Duaber

    SicNik / Usaci 08

    The "hamster" ball makes it easier to shove in the kick and protects the sensor at the same time. BTW any serious competitor should read over the rules of an organization and I believe you were in the wrong class since you aren't 12v (At least im assuming that since in your posts u were trying to get close to 18v) Just looking out for you so you don't get called a cheater or get disqualified. But enjoy your first place I know how good it feels If anybody has any questions about usaci give me a pm. If you want to have some fun you should try streetbeat I do it and I have a blast! Basically you gotta play music (can't be burned) for 30 secs and they take the average of your score(Electrical system is important to maintain score)
  19. Duaber

    SicNik / Usaci 08

    Box has to be behind b pillar and below windowline or he will be considered modified (wall/16volt class) Been competing in Usaci for 3 years now so i know the rules a bit
  20. Duaber

    SicNik / Usaci 08

    Nice job baccus just wondering what was your starting voltage?
  21. Duaber

    Midwest sundowners?

    Please lookup kansas city, mo on the map before anybody else post dumps Kansas City IS considered midwest. And now onto the pictures
  22. Duaber

    Midwest sundowners?

    Hey guys I thought i'd give you guys a headup for an awesome show and i'll be bringing my sundown setup with me. Import Face-Off USACi 2X event with Car Show @ 10:00am 8-31-2008 Kansas City International Raceway 8201 S. Noland Rd. Kansas City, MO 64138 Its got the best of all worlds spl/drag racing/ufc style events/car show/bikini contests
  23. Duaber

    Midwest sundowners?

    This was a hot show but damn it was fun. Burn out contests, hot lil asians, nice motorcycles and cars, and some world finalists. I got my first first place if that makes any sense Anyone wanna see the few pics i took sorry guys no hot asians
  24. Duaber

    Putting something in the VW

    I say step it up to two nightshade 10's more cone area helped me gain a couple db's
  25. Duaber


    Good job my personal best is a 144.5 in streetbeat1 on a saz-1500d