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  1. HunterAC

    4th order two sa12s

    honda civic hatch no back seats
  2. HunterAC

    4th order two sa12s

    i was thinking something like this non walled with a 2:1 ratio at 50hz? or do u think my setup like this would be louder?
  3. HunterAC

    Custom NS v.2 10s

    that is a monster 10 drooling over this sub
  4. HunterAC

    Sundown SA Series "Win" Thread

    two sa12s on an ap1500 it did a 143.2 at 37hz on music
  5. HunterAC

    My sub is bottoming out?

    Yep ur just playin it below tuning my sa12 was doing the same thing I just adjusted my ssf and it didn't do it again
  6. HunterAC

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    is it a 2.5" coil or still the 2"
  7. HunterAC

    AQ hdc3 15 for $100

    buy it build a new box
  8. HunterAC

    Sundown NeoPro 6.5" Prototypes

    I was just thinking i wished you would make a 6.5 and now i see this. you read my mind
  9. HunterAC

    SAE-800D / 1200D / 50.4 Prototypes

    Nice what's the difference between these and the sax?
  10. HunterAC

    looking to lose 55 lbs

    motivation and cardio is the key,and obviously eating habits,you dont have to lift heavy weights, just do alot of reps of lighter weight you will see more results
  11. HunterAC


    anyone here live in jville or around that part of florida?
  12. HunterAC

    two sa12s or one BTL 15

    lmao its a 94 civic hatch but i got my other sa12 on the way and its gonna be 1500w
  13. which one will be the loudest in an optimal box
  14. HunterAC

    Subs: Under rear seat Dodge Ram Build...

    if you dont mind comprising and you like your lows take out the back seat and go big with some 15s or 18s