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  1. Silverbane

    Sundown March Sale !

    If you are from Canada, PM me, I will help you out.
  2. Silverbane

    Interest in SA-10 Pre-Order ?

    If you are looking to get these in Canada, I will arrange it for Jakes price, you will just have to cover the shipping.
  3. Silverbane

    Sundown SAE-1200D v.2 Pre-Sale OPEN

    As always, Canadian shoppers message me for pricing in canada.
  4. Silverbane

    Crazy August $400 sale on Sundown SAZ-1500D

    As always, Smart Auto Sounds will work with Canadian shoppers on this sale. Take care of some border fees and Ill be happy to match the price. Shoot me an email at smartass@bell.blackberry.net
  5. Silverbane

    Sundown 1200SAE

    I would also recommend that you wait and buy a 1500, they are fantastic amps and are rock solid. The 1200 is discontinued as well. Go with the 1500...
  6. Silverbane

    Behind on E-Mails

    That right there ^ is good customer service. Also, I would add, if you are from the Great white north (Canada) You can email me any questions and I will get back to you as well. I am the exclusive distributor in Canada. smartass@bell.blackberry.net. I carry my blackberry on me at all times!
  7. Silverbane

    SAX-125.2 Special Sale

    As always, you Canadian distributor is willing to work with the people from canada on pricing. I will price match if you are willing to cover the border fees. email me: smartass@bell.blackberry.net
  8. Silverbane

    SAX-100.4 D Revision Pre-Order OPEN

    Jake is correct, I will be matching the US price with a small additional fee to get them over the border. My email is smartass@bell.blackberry.net. Shipments are made from my location to you via Canada post to avoid any fees. Feel free to hit me up.
  9. Silverbane

    SAZ-1500D SALE - $425

    If you are in Canada and want to take advantage of this sale, please PM me and I will be happy to match the price in US Dollars with a slight addition to shipping fee. Thanks Guys!! Brad www.smartass.bz
  10. Silverbane

    New Car!

    I am currently looking at a Candy white GTI Baby brother (Rabbit). VW makes a solid car but I still cant decide if I want to pull the trigger.
  11. Silverbane

    Website down?

    I can log into the FTP just fine, was just doing some minor updates on the Canadian page. As for the person who was talking about an update, I have been working on one for a little bit now, but I have been busy over xmas and suck. I am going to try and make it a little easier to nav and streamline a few things. Not sure when it will be 100% done though and I wont release my test page to Jake until it is 100% complete.
  12. Silverbane

    CES Information

    If anyone has questions about products, there are many reps who are knowledgeable about his product lines and can make recommendations and suggestions as well as answer questions. 2 prime examples would be Denim and myself.
  13. Silverbane

    Another SX Recone Request...

    Ryan, did you blow those SX's up the the DD's already? Damn that was quick!
  14. Silverbane

    Nightshade Pre-Sale?

    Jake, am I gonna be able to get my hands on a 10"?
  15. Silverbane

    what sundown amp should i use! please help

    im not sure how how i mesure after the box rise. when the subs are in the box thay are .70 ohms at the amp, i have a 200 amp alt, and 3 yellow top batts IMHO 3000D all the way. They are not prone to breaking for no reason and Jake has about the best customer service in the industry...