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  1. slidestarr

    BTL's N3, N2, UFO, triple stack, double

    After 2 years of selling my BTL N2 it finally went up for sale and I bought it back from the guy I sold it to originally. He only used it for 3 months then it sat collecting dust in his garage. Not bad for $300 with a box.
  2. slidestarr

    Fi Products on sale

    Nevermind, I just looked at my order history from fi and its regular price.
  3. slidestarr

    Fi Products on sale

    Just checked the website and noticed all the subs are on sale!
  4. slidestarr

    never again will i order from here

    Awesome thread, I give it a 7/10 would read again.
  5. slidestarr

    DD Amps?

    Sometimes company's quality deteriorates over time; is this an example with their amps? Or are their amps still really good? This amp is around a year old. i sold the amp to a friend of mine 3 years ago and its still wired to 0.5 ohm and getting abused daily on less than ideal electrical. you got PM
  6. slidestarr

    DD Amps?

    DD amps with LV technology are made to be efficient at 12volts and they come alive at .5 ohm. Couple years back I had a M3a on a single 55ah agm batt, 2 gauge wiring, stock alt wired to .5 ohm and it never went into protect or shut off. They love abuse
  7. slidestarr

    BTL's N3, N2, UFO, triple stack, double

    My first introduction to fi was a 15" BL then upgraded to a BTL n2 15" after 1 month of wanting.It was powered by a M3b at .5 ohm 6cubic ft box 8" aeroport 33hz port tune and it was a night and day difference. When playing white girl by jeezy it would slam the highs and rape the lows on that song and it made realise I had to step up my deadening game in my car. I also used a SP4 shortly after and output wise the BTL still wins, till this day I regret selling that sub and hope fi brings it back.
  8. slidestarr

    Not getting loud

    what is the specs on your box? I have a ssd on 800watts and its plenty loud.
  9. slidestarr

    Pricing math.

    VAS on your T/S is that litres or cubic ft.
  10. slidestarr

    Pricing math.

    Are your subs made in china or built in the USA?
  11. slidestarr

    Fi BTL series replacement?

    I've had a fully loaded BL and it was no where near the BTL N2.
  12. slidestarr

    Fi BTL series replacement?

    I loved my old btl's and wanted to know if you guys are planning to release a 2k RMS 12" sub in the future.
  13. Digital Designs m3b should be good, they do rated power at 11.9 volts.
  14. I have a XS Power as a starting battery, 2 runs of 0gauge to my rear batt which is a Deka. I'm wanting to add another deka in the rear and wanted to know if I need to do 2 runs of wire to connect the rear batts together or will 1 run suffice. Thanks
  15. slidestarr

    New system ideas.

    I had a Sa-15 then bought a BL 15, the BL hit the lows with authority and had way more motor force than the Sa15. The only downside with the BL is it required alot of port area, I had mine in a 4.4 cubes net with 89in2 of port.