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    Sundown X-6.5SW Video and Pictures

    has anyone used these? i have a project that has limited space and i'm curious as to how they perform before I spend the money on a couple of these subs.
  2. suicidal

    My first install

    they look round to me. LOL. could be the camera angle that is throwing it off for you.
  3. suicidal

    My first install

    Box looks great.
  4. suicidal


    That's awesome. I have an AD244 in the shop that I have been meaning to install in my Jimmy.
  5. suicidal

    what is everyones music taste?

    Bluegrass, country, rock, rap, reggeaton. Some specific artists...no particular order or genre: Pretty lights, deadmau5, foster the people, Mumford and sons, old crow medicine show, taking back Sunday, Johnny cash, yellawolf, calle 13, aventura...just to name a few.
  6. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    double post
  7. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    LOL it surprises me how many of us are from NC, a bit spread out though. My old college room mate goes to UNC chapel hill, and her BF lives in Durham. I was at a party up there a couple weeks ago.
  8. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    The education is getting better? that must be why the partying has started to go downhill. LOL.
  9. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    I lived in Greenville for 5-6 years. My roommates went to ECU. I still go party from time to time.
  10. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    I work in Clinton, and visit Raleigh/Cary/Chapel Hill quite often.
  11. suicidal

    New here, in NC

    welcome. what part of NC?
  12. suicidal

    Would it be worth it?

    I was given a pair of Earthquake DBXi-12D subwoofers...I found out when i tried to put them in my friends truck, that they are in fact blown. They are supposed to be 4 ohm DVC, but as you can tell from the pics below the VC's are damaged. My question is would it be worth it to look into a recone? These are the speakers in question. Thanks in advance for any input. Luis
  13. suicidal

    Would it be worth it?

    I sent the company an email regarding soft parts. hopefully they will respond soon.
  14. suicidal

    Suicidal Jimmy

    I figured I would go ahead and start a build log to keep track of my progress. My current vehicle is a 1994 GMC Jimmy 4 door 4wd. I haven't had a system in any of my vehicles in a very long time, and for some reason i got the itch. So, this build began. The Truck: First, I built this box to put in it, 4 ft^3 tuned to 33Hz (Thanks to Duane on this forum for the design): I hadn't used a jig saw in quite some time and was a bit rusty, so the speaker cutouts were too big and they were leaking. I was going to replace the top panel and redo the cuts, but before I could do that I had someone stop by the shop and offer me some cash for the box so I sold it before i was able to correct my mistake. with the material left over from the first box, i built a 3 ft^3 sealed box: This is the box i am currently running, but was disappointed with the output, so i will likely be building another ported box for these 12's. a shot from inside the box of the RE SE 12: The amp i'm using is a Crunch PZA-1500.1 its a class a/b amp. I have no idea what this amp actually puts out RMS: In the pic of the amp you can see my homemade cat 5 RCA's For wiring, i scored a 25 ft roll of 1/0 welding cable for $20 so that is what i used for my big 3 upgrade, and for my run to my amp. Pic of the grounds for the big 3: all wired up: The battery i am running is a cheap autozone battery that came with the truck. I am researching and trying to find a good replacement for it. Even with the big 3 upgrade, i my lights still dim (not as much as before the upgrade) so i will be wiring this up as soon as i get a couple more fuse holders: And last but not least This is what I am going to be putting in the Jimmy in the near future: I purchased these sa-8's from Alton here on the forum. I still need to find a suitable amp for these. I am looking for something that will put out ~800w at 2ohm I will update this thread further when i build my box for the 8's and when i start working on a front stage.
  15. suicidal

    Suicidal Jimmy

    thanks! small update. Wired up my kinetik today. It made a HUGE difference. I think the next thing i do is take a vacuum to my truck. LOL. it needs it terribly.
  16. Check this out. It gives you an idea of what you need for the install. If you search that forum, there should be more info on the specifics of the install.
  17. Some models came stock with a double din. If yours is not, it can be as simple as going to the junk yard and finding a double din bezel. The bezel is the only difference the inside of the dash is the same.
  18. suicidal

    Suicidal Jimmy

    My brother in law is a welder, so i get welding cable pretty regularly. I have a 50ft roll of #1 that i'm going to be using on a K5 project that i scored for free. I thought about doing another baffle...but like i said, i sold the box before i had a chance to mess with it. I decided to go with the SA-8's to save space actually. not all the time, but i need cargo area when i go camping in the summer/fall, so i figure instead of going with out a system i'll have something small. so pretty much, i have 2 systems for the jimmy. LOL. one for when i don't need cargo area, and one for when i go camping or offroading or whatever. As far as the engine goes, it is a beast. You can tell from the wiring pic that it is very dirty. I take it offroad every chance i get and put it through hell. In the city i get 10-11 mpg, on the highway about 17-18. It sucks, but its fun to drive. No sir, those are stock rims on 4wd s-series trucks for those years. The Yukon rims are 6 lug and would require an adapter to work with the s-series. And thanks. I love my roof rack. This is my first time using it. But i don't think i'll ever use anything else from now on.
  19. suicidal

    Nikon D800 :)

    "The Nikon D800 will be available in late March for the suggested retail price of $2999.95" Yikes. LOL. I was happy with my D50...but it was stolen, and i never replaced it. I love photography and did some work in the field, some fashion, car show coverage, night club photography. etc. I never saw the need to have video capabilities in a DSLR though. but thats just me. haha. it looks to be a very nice camera. Maybe one day i'll replace the trusty D50 and get back in the game.
  20. suicidal


    I bought two SA-8's from Alton. Great experience. Great communication and fast shipping. I paid for these friday, and they were at my doorstep today when i got home from work. He has one more of these left...do not hesitate to buy from this guy. regards, Luis
  21. suicidal

    plasti-dip is the shit!

    I have been wanting to try this on my grill and bumpers for some time now, but have not found the time. That bumper came out nice.
  22. suicidal

    Blazer/ S-10 Builds.

    I'm working on putting a system in my 1994 GMC Jimmy. The truck: I had built this box: it was designed by fellow forum member Duane. 4cu. ft. tuned to 33 Hz. I also built this box: 3 cu. ft. sealed. The reason i ended up not using the ported box, was because i messed up on the cutouts...it was leaking around the sub where I cut the holes too big. before i had a chance to fix it, someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse and i sold it. I built the sealed box with the material i had left over from the previous box.
  23. suicidal

    Buying a used car.

    I'm with ^brad. Taking it to a trusted mechanic is one of the best things to do. When i buy a used car I always pay close attention to the oil and the transmission fluid. If they have both been recently changed (especially trans fluid) to me that throws a red flag, and i am cautious about buying that car. My logic behind that is, if someone is just tired of the car or doesn't need it, they won't spend the money or time to get the fluids changed. if a car has new fluids and is for sale, it tells me that they were trying to fix a problem, and possibly were unsuccessful.