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  1. Got my Fi Q 12s from fed-ex today & would like to thank you guys for the Carbon fiber dust cap on my subs that was super cool of you guys to do for me. The wait time is something I hear a lot of people talk about but on my order I found it to be accurate (15 days) & not bad at all. The website is a little slow to show order status but that is no big deal at all because Nick answered any questions that I had when I emailed him. This is my 1st experience with fi & so far I couldn't ask for a better experience Thank you guys so much & you have a happy customer in me now for the next task enclosure building the enclosure in the Kentucky heat & humidity. Thank you FI.
  2. Mike1982

    My fi q's arrived today (unbox vid too)

    you mean I'm not special But at least I can feel lucky, seriously though the carbon fiber caps look a lot better in person so thank you anyways. If I make anymore videos I think I am going cut my voice out of them, does anyone else hate hearing their own voice recorded or on play back? I dunno maybe its just me.
  3. Mike1982

    My fi q's arrived today (unbox vid too)

    I sold my 2 fairly new skar zvx 12s cause i really did not care for the sound of them to get these I pretty excited to see what they can do.
  4. Mike1982

    DC Power Moving Forward?

    I had a great experience with DC power they answered any question that I had & gave me so honest advice. I had a cheap alt that was a nightmare after that ordeal then I said never again so I decided to go with dc power & has been an excellent decision.
  5. What would you buy? In the market for 2 12s budget is 850ish will be running them off asaz3500v2 ported in a trunk of my 99 toyota camry. (current box dimensions 33L x 14.25 H x 24.25 d Port dimensions are 4.5L x 12.5 tuned to 32hz . I will get a optimal enclosure for what ever subs I decide on but that is what I have now.) Looking for something that sounds great & gets loud too i would like to have some room if upgrade my power. I am looking at the SSA Xcon ,Tantric HDD, Sundown zv3 or the X series, Psi Platform 3 but not limited to these choices. My electrical Dc power 270xp, Group 34 agm up front, 4 deka group 24 agms in the trunk, 1 Run of 1/0 & rear battery bank is grounded twice in the trunk debating on a dedicated ground run to the front battery or to the block. Just looking for some suggestions
  6. The battery tenders are fully automatic voltage regulated it will be fine for agms. I have been thinking of getting a new automatic charger myself & battery tender was one on my list but I think I am going for another one Schumacher ssc-1000a
  7. Mike1982

    2 Fi q 12's ported what options should I get?

    I would be ready to start tomorrow but I guess realistically in couple weeks the thing that suck for me is its kind of hard for me to get weekends off especially with me having of this Saturday & July 6th I may have to work a weekend before I ask for another one off. I have time off just seems like its the wrong time ya know.
  8. I am thinking about getting a pair of fi q 12's I am going to be running them ported in a daily trunk setup on a Saz-3500v2. I am getting the cooling option for sure but for I am not sure if I should get the extra spider & the internal lead options, I am thinking no on these options but I would like some opinions before I drop my cash on these subs.
  9. Mike1982

    2 Fi q 12's ported what options should I get?

    I got 2 fi q 12s extra spider & cooling options i can't wait til they get here next items on the list will be some deadner & the enclosure.
  10. Mike1982

    Happy Birthday Shogen and Shizzzon!!!

    Happy Birthday guys !!
  11. Mike1982

    2 Fi q 12's ported what options should I get?

    Thanks thats the answer was looking for
  12. Mike1982

    Hammer crimper vs Hydraulic crimper

    I have a hammer crimper I got mine from Temco on ebay for like $17.00 I like it better than soldering 1/0 with a propane torch. I imagine a hydraulic crimper would be a lot better but it costs more too.
  13. Mike1982

    My 00' camry build

    I am going to utilize the factory tweeter location too for my components I went to the junk yard and got the mounts & sail panel grilles
  14. Mike1982

    My 00' camry build

    I have a 99 camry & love seeing camry builds I will be watching this build with much enthusiasm
  15. Mike1982

    Slamology 2013 Homeowners Association Compaint

    That's an awesome video, the 4th of July is coming up hope that Beeotch doesn't have a heart attack or wig out. Bass for life, but anyway I really like that song brings back HS memories.
  16. Mike1982

    2 Fi q 12's ported what options should I get?

    guess the main thing i have been reading that adding the extra spider to the FI Q in sealed sq applications the extra spider hurts sq but I was wondering if the same thing were true for ported apps. On the other hand it would be nice to have a little more support
  17. I think knu kolossus 1/0 ofc is great wire but I just hate working with it trying to fit in connectors & fuse holders is a bee-otch. I have some Audio technix 1/0 its a lot easier to deal with. I use ofc but it is pricy there are a lot of hybrid wires that have a mix of both out there like audio technix ga wire, stc designs wire & have wondered how they stack up to ofc.
  18. Mike1982

    15" Xcon unboxing

    thats so awesome I want some Xcons myself. Congratulations keep the bass knockin'
  19. Mike1982

    Brand new SSA store.

    I like the new store its easy on the eyes which makes finding things a lot better.
  20. I am looking for a box builder in the Louisville Ky area. I live in the Jefferson-town (J-Town) area (40299-3520) of Louisville Kentucky & I was wondering if any of you guys would know or recommend any box builders in the Louisville Kentucky or Southern Indiana Area. I just want someone who is good at what they do & will give me a fair price. I figure that cutting out shipping costs will save me at least $100.00 & with someone local they can actually see my car & build what I am actually looking for. Thanks Mike
  21. I am looking to see if i could fit a pair of xcons 12s in the trunk of my 99 camry with the box clearing the trunk brace so that i can push the box all the way back in the trunk & still have room for my batterries. I am also considering 2 or 3 xcon 10s which ever option i have the space for and still have room for my 4 deka group 24's.
  22. Mike1982

    Time for new subs what to get??

    Well i am just lookin for some improvement & hopefully a pair of xcon 10s in a proper enclosure can help me with that but i will see how it works out
  23. Mike1982

    Time for new subs what to get??

    I may get some tighter bass out of 10s too