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  1. DhaRmic

    has a cop swerved you because of your subs?

    Yes, a few years back when my system wasn't even loud, after court and everything it's around $500 bucks down here. Cops suck!!!!!
  2. DhaRmic

    Trying to get from 148.2 to 150+ DB's

    Shizz well said, and on another note, just dropping the ohm load to .5 will probably get you where you want to be if your getting all the other things you said you were getting, might even be a little higher i'm willing to bet. Oh and about the deadening sometimes it will help or hurt you just gotta check it out, ( it hurt my score lol ). Well good luck dude.
  3. where is the January show held?
  4. DhaRmic

    Y'all are gonna love this. (link now up)

    That was pretty stupid he's gonna serve some jail time.
  5. DhaRmic

    Mac's GTI build

    I was actually getting jealous from watching this then I remember (Hey I have one outside LOL) Na but good shit bro this thing looks amazing never took time to go check out your whole build log just did
  6. DhaRmic

    I'm here. lets get this party bumpin!

    to SSA i'm kinda new here to
  7. DhaRmic

    Xbox Live Screen Names

    DhaRmic is the Gamertag Mainly play skyrim and FM4 when just playing for fun, Halo is where I like to play competitive, was a 47 in MLG but thanks to randoms lost it lol.
  8. DhaRmic

    91 Civic Turbo'd and 5000wrms

    I know you said the box is only there for now, but off experience I second stef, I had a two chamber box at first and just from doing a rebuild with a single chamber I gained almost 3 db so yea it gets noticeably louder. And something funny when my N3's came in they had diff baskets like yours LOL.
  9. DhaRmic

    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    Sorry I see now I posted mine in the SQ section, I don't have any sq except Renagade- styx(just the begining)
  10. DhaRmic

    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    Well it says favorite show off songs so decaf-white clouds decaf-gumbo pot decaf-phone numbers decaf-aint no sunshine Lil wayne-Nightmares of the bottom Lil wayne-Six foot seven foot Bei Maejor feat. J. cole- Trouble
  11. DhaRmic

    18" BTL N2 Box Design

    Sorry didn't see that LOL. Well it should slam pretty D*** good.
  12. DhaRmic

    18" BTL N2 Box Design

    Would have did around 6 - 6.5 cubes for a single. Depending on power, what will you have powering it?
  13. DhaRmic

    The SSA ZCON 18"s rebuild!

  14. DhaRmic

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Com'on man The BL's obviously. But I would upgrade amps.