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  1. russelthalovemuscle

    Lethal Injection power handling

    Exactly people see that my status says "newbie" well im not i just dont use this forum much. But its cool i got a MB Quart 2k. Ive never blown a woofer. Ill be fine on that amp. Im not stupid. So yeah i think ill be just fine with my 2k and active set up. Oh what a "newb" is going active? Oh how did he know what that was? Ha ha anyway. Thanks SPL MAN. At least you understood what the question was. Didnt need to hear from people who dont own Lethal Injections but thanks for chiming in.
  2. russelthalovemuscle

    Lethal Injection power handling

    Oh they can Oh they can handle it.
  3. russelthalovemuscle

    Lethal Injection power handling

    Never mind. I called IA and asked. they said 600-900 rms. Straight answer and they werent assholes about it.
  4. russelthalovemuscle

    Lethal Injection power handling

    SA's take around 1500rms a piece with a 2.5 inch coil so yeah thats why i asked.
  5. russelthalovemuscle

    Lethal Injection power handling

    wow just wanted a round about straight answer. Like maybe from experience. My gains get set from a DD 1. So I was just wondering if say its ok to put them on a bc 2k or maybe even 3.5? Next time I just wont ask questions if im going to get flamed by everyone for a innocent question....or ill go to diyma and ask
  6. russelthalovemuscle

    Lethal Injection power handling

    I am getting 2 Lethal Injection 12s and I was just wondering how much clean power they can actually take? I know they can take more than 600 rms with a 3 inch coil.
  7. russelthalovemuscle

    Lethally Injected MKS

    I just ordered 2 12s the other day to replace my IDMAX 12s. Im throwin on a Sundown SAE 1200D V1. Kinda curious how much power these can really take though. Im very excited as well.
  8. russelthalovemuscle

    IDMAX 12's

    So I just ordered a couple IDMAX 12's. I had heard your not supposed to give them the whole 1000rms each. So my question is how much do the like? Im thinking of throwing them on a Sundown SAZ 1500 @1ohm. Im guessing about 750rms a piece. Would that be pushing it or should I be fine? Also I was wondering if anyone here has experience with these subs and how do you like them? Have you hit good term lab numbers with them? I know they are SQ subs but i know they can get loud too.
  9. russelthalovemuscle

    help setting amp

    i set my LPF to about 80hz and my subsonics set a little above tuning. I am tuned at 33hz my ssf is set at about 35 or so
  10. russelthalovemuscle

    Lanzar Optidrive 2000D

    My budget is going to be around $300. Right now i need at least 800rms at 2ohms for my 2 dayton titanic 10s. But before spring i will have 2 more titanics. 4 total. So im going to need at least 1600rms @1ohm. I can get one of these for $250
  11. Im thinking getting one of these amps. Has anyone had experience with this series?
  12. russelthalovemuscle

    cadance any good

    I have a zrs 6000d and i love it. It never gets hot and its very clean.
  13. russelthalovemuscle

    new from michigan

    whats up i'm from southwest mi